View Full Version : MP-10 Convoy or Hasbro Masterpiece Prime?

2013-02-05, 11:17 AM
I've talked myself in to trying to get the new version of Masterpiece Prime. Saving a bit of space on display and being in scale with MP-12 Sideswipe and MP-13 Soundwave is a big bit of the appeal...

But which version? They both seem to cost about the same on eBay (which is cheaper than ordering from BBTS or others in this case, after checking), so I'm curious as to the differences, and which is better?

(I do see Roller is blue in the Hasbro release, while grey in the Takara version - I'd err towards blue if all other things were equal, but I'd rather get the best looking Prime than the best looking Roller! :lol:)

Any suggestions on where I could pick one up cheaper than eBay prices would also be welcome!

(I'm in the market for MP-11 Coronation Starscream too, so combining an order is appealing, although he seems out of stock everywhere except eBay...)

2013-02-05, 11:57 AM
Starscream's still in stock at robotkingdom. 199 USD before shipping though.

Roller is bright silver in takara's Convoy; think Alternators Silverstreak, Binaltech Grimlock, HA Jazz and so on.

The problem with Hasbro masterpieces is that while they're the "budget" choice, both initial distribution and f*cked up impatient fans drive the prices to takara's region within the first month. Prime started at around 100 USD, retail shot up to 130-140 and scalpers on ebay brought it to today's levels of near 200 before shipping :lol:

As for the figures, for once takara is going toy accurate while hasbro goes cartoon accurate, but forget about that. Comparing them is like comparing hasbro's and takara's FE, ROTF, Buster and Striker Primes.

Takara goes for dark gray, navy blue and rich reds, while hasbro goes for light gray, light blue and candy red. The trailer on both figures is painted silver, but hasbro has paint only on the outside of the trailer, the inside is bare gray. The base Convoy figure has paint on takara's version while hasbro's is moulded in colour and has a tiny splotch of paint on the cab lights and baby blue paint for the eyes. The eyes on the takara version are moulded in a very dark, glossy blue. They don't reflect light as well.

In the end, it depends. I personally love the takara MP presentation [cardboard black boxes etc] and want uniformity among them, so the only cases I went for hasbro was exclusivity [thundercracker] and better product [Rodimus].

Official takara product for 189 USD (http://www.hlj.com/product/TKT39840). That's around 30 USD cheaper than when I got mine back in October due to the exchange rate. Shipping will be around 5.000 yen.

2013-02-07, 08:08 PM
MP10 is now at retail in the UK. I popped into my local TRU and they had 2 in stock. Priced at 99.99, I nabbed him straight away as I doubt I'll find him cheaper anywhere else.
I've not handled the Takara version so I can't really compare, but the Hasbro version is a really nice figure. Haven't made my mind up yet which Prime I prefer though, MP01 or MP10.

2013-02-08, 08:21 AM
Wow! I'll have to try to get to a Toys R Us (shame there are none near me). That price difference would make the decision for me frankly!

I notice he's listed on the website now, but sold out (yet I checked just yesterday and he wasn't there then!).

2013-02-08, 09:28 AM
Over the course of the morning Masterpiece Optimus Prime has come in stock for home delivery from Toys R Us in the UK at 99.99 GBP.


The price made my decision for me - I've placed my order. He does look like he walked out of the cartoon anyway, and that's what I like about MP-12 Sideswipe and MP-13 Soundwave, whereas from what I can see in comparisons, MP-10 Convoy looks a lot more like the G1 toy than the cartoon. Plus I gather MP-10 doesn't have very obviously blue eyes, due to clear blue plastic being used with no light piping (?). I like my Optimus Prime to have bright blue eyes!

2013-02-08, 12:06 PM
Ah dammit, you belong in the takara MP converted crowd!!!!

No, neither version has clear light piping eyes. His eyes are more akin to the original MP Convoy, a solid plastic piece painted over glossy blue [takara MP10] or baby blue [hasbro MP10]. If you have Hasbro's MP Rodimus, it's that same colour.

Regardless of the version and minor differences, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. It's the only figure I had, with a non combinable trailer that I actually sat around and played with the base mode of the trailer.

2013-02-08, 12:43 PM
Ah dammit, you belong in the takara MP converted crowd!!!!
In every other case I think you'e right!


I was really torn between the two - I see positives and negatives to both. I think if Takara had done a moe cartoon accurate deco I would still be torn, even with the price considerations. However, I thought about what I like about the MP figures, and it's that they look as if the character has walked out of the cartoon (and so my childhood imagination) (alongside the awesome engineering of course!). That's why I never bought any Seeker using the first MP Starscream mould, despite Screamer holding such a cherished place in my psyche (he was he first Decepticon I owned as a kid). And that's also why I'm now looking for an affordable MP-11! (And why I have paid over-the-odds for various Takara Henkei figures over the years too - superior G1 decos!)

In this case, from what I have seen in comparison videos and photos, the Hasbro release really does look way more like the cartoon character. This, coupled with price, means I really can't go for Takara this time. (And of course there's not the inconsiderable consideration of my wife... She would have kittens [well, we literally do have two kittens, so not best turn of phrase, but you get me...] if she learned I spent 170 GBP on a Transformer I could effectively get for 99.99 GBP - could be the end of our marriage! :lol:)

I think this will be a rare event though - probably end up as the only Hasbro Masterpiece in my collection.

2013-02-08, 12:59 PM
I do see your point, no worries. I'd probably go for TRU MP10 as well had I not opened a savings account since May just for a takara version.

At the point of MP03 takara was just focusing on updating and modernizing their character rooster [alongside the binaltechs with some wacky colour choices], and in robot mode, MP11 is really superior in proportions.

While the past USA MP releases have generally been watered down in every sense of the word, at least the last three releases [Rodimus, Thundercracker and Prime] are more to the level of the line. Thundercracker of course sucks badly in presentation and instructions printed for the old MP mould, display stand with no way to attach for jet mode and so on, but Rodimus really felt more complete at time of release than the first takara version and Prime is more or less the same product, 100-150 USD cheaper.

2013-02-08, 01:03 PM
The price does certainly make a difference! I'd actually like to get the revised Takara Rodimus some day - I like the tailer. But MP-11 is my next priority (Thundercracker was always my least favourite Seeker and Starscream my fave, so on this occassion I really must invest in the Takara release to satisfy my inner-child!).