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The Big Ragebowski
2013-02-16, 10:18 AM
Right, this question has been in my head the last few hours as I look around my flat..............

How do you display your collection? Or do you just keep them in a cupboard somewhere?

At the moment mine are in boxes at the bottom of my wardrobe with the exception of my MP Sideswipe and Soundwave which are boxed and stored next to my wardrobe........ buuuut I don't want to leave them that way, I'm looking to actually sit them around the flat or something, as some grown ups display china figurines and stuff, I'd like to show a few pieces of my collection. However, looking at various pieces of furniture I'm sturggling to find a suitable home within a home for these beauties! Has anyone got any suggestions please? I'm thinking of something either for the living room or the main bedroom - didn't really think it was appropriate to shove them in the bathroom or have Megatron help out in the kitchen........

Thanks in advance!

Auntie Slag
2013-02-16, 11:29 AM
Damn, see that was my first thought. Sideswipe guarding the mugs in the kitchen would be a nice touch

Rack 'n Ruin
2013-02-16, 11:42 AM
A lot of people (including me) use Ikea Detolf display cases. They look pretty good for the money, and hold quite a few TFs. As for the room to put them... no idea. Sorry.

2013-02-16, 11:54 AM
I use an IKEA Billy bookshelve system in my spare room. That way I have a corner bookcase with books on, and attached to this is a tall thin unit with a glass door that was bought for Transformers display. But, my wife absolutely hates Transformers, so we discussed and agreed this tall thin unit as a compromise. Sadly, over the years since she has insisted on using the display case for other things (ignoring the original agreed purpose for the purchase) and over half of it is now used for other things. Most of my collection lives in boxes under the bed...

Woe is me...


If I had my own way, I would be inclined to use such a system to display most of my collection, and I'd add a few figures (perhaps a Masterpiece or two) to the living room display / cupboard unit. In fact, in the year up to our marriage, I did have Transformers on display on that very living room unit, as well as in display shelves elsewhere in the house which I shared with my now wife at the time. How times have changed.

2013-02-16, 01:59 PM
Strewn around on tops of shelves and in front of books on them, mostly, along with some other retro stuff and a few LEGO models... plus Slog's pretender shell is sitting on top of a backup drive on top of the NAS on my desk at the moment. When I get around to my own place will probably get something glass-fronted just to save on dusting.

I'm looking to actually sit them around the flat or something
Am assuming there's no fireplace/hearth type shelf? Some people pin carded items up like posters, but you could always dot things like this around the place if you don't want a big central case or three;


2013-02-17, 07:34 PM
Like this. This is mostly what we've bought recently; I have two storage tubs that have the rest of my stuff in them, and most of Hound's stuff is still in the US.

I know there's a thread for this, but this little shelf set-up is temporary (we'll need to move soon) and this really isn't worth posting in it, imo.

2013-02-17, 08:30 PM
Love the gundam SD deformed poster on the wall :lol:

Same as the rest of you, a combination of shelves exclusively for figures, shelves with figures and alcohol beverages and shelves for perfumes\books\cds with figures.

At times the room looks more like a warehouse than a display case because I never throw away shipping boxes I receive [I use them a lot], so whenever I get multiple shipments in there's a tower of boxes atop of the main display case.

Then there's separate boxes stored away with leftover figures. The "standard" displayed figures are the MP releases, a lone HT Predator, Primus and five macross jets. The rotating displays below them are stuff like FE, Animated figures, Alternity, Universe\Generations stuff depending on what I'm watching\reading at the time, and there's usually a figure or two [usually deluxe] next to my bed on a table for me to fiddle with. These usually have the weapons integrated so there's no extra parts for the cats to fiddle with\chew. Last table tenant was United Perceptor.

2013-02-17, 09:00 PM
I usually keep mine confined to my office, that way no one else has to deal with them and when we have adult friends over who aren't in the know I can just shut the door and no one is the wiser.

As for how I display them, I've got an L shaped computer desk that's about 5' long on the long part and it has a shelf on it, so I kept some of my larger figures on that. I've got an old bookcase I used to use for my gaming books until the weight started to break it down. TFs, however, are lighter then books so the middle 3 shelves are used for display. I've also got a pair of plastic 4 drawer units in there that I keep my TFs who aren't on display in and on top I've got my Kerons and a few other larger figures.

I like to rotate who's out to change things up. There are a few figures I always keep out, my Classics Bruticus, MP Grimlock (who is, for now, my only MP figure although that's going to change), Armada Unicron, and my DOTM Leader Ironhide. Mostly they stay out from lack of a place to really store them.