View Full Version : Who were the better leaders?

2013-02-21, 06:21 AM
i always thougjt Leader one was a good leader though he resembled more Ultra
Magnus than O. P. I thought Zeemon behaved like Alpha Trion. Cy- kill was just as mean as Megs except he manage his resources better than Megs. Of course, Megs didn't really have to since he had better warriors and seekers to find him energon.

2013-02-25, 08:35 PM
Megatron hands down!I would never listen to Optimus Prime!HA!Supernerd of the cosmos i don't think so,if i ever got the chance i would offline so painfully i'd make unicron look like a puppy!I hope he dies and stays dead PERMENANTLY in the next movie!:devil: