View Full Version : [Prime] Seaon 3 ep 53 Darkmount, NV

2013-03-23, 02:41 AM
Not a bad start for the season opener. Prime wasn't dead nor did he lose an arm. Smokescreen saved him from the Con search party. Jack was stupid for the text, but his heart was in the right place. I did like the expressions on Scream and Megatron's faces when Shockwave came out of the space bridge. Next ep shows Ultra Magnus coming landing.

2013-03-23, 10:42 AM
i watched eps 53 - 55 in one go as there seem to be a lot of 'Singapore Movie' uploads on ver Tube.

A good set of opening episodes, with the stakes nicely raised. The return of Shockwave wasn't as amazing as expected - the space bridge explosion we witnessed in Season 2 just leaving him off line in underneath Cybertron, where he gets back up and just goes 'oh well, back to work ...' It amused me, and also made me think of the old Dreamwave set up where Shockers did exactly this. I'm sure he must have also come up with something a bit more interesting and useful than faffing about with predacon fossils though. Hopefully we'll get a bit more of what he's been up to over the milennia. Most likely he'll suffer the usual new character decay that we see in kids cartoons, but I remain hopeful. And I also liked Starscream's reaction to his return.

Nice to see Wheeljack was reintroduced, but it did feel a bit like he had rather been forgotten about as I thought. Still, some nice grandstanding from the Wrecker. A bit more of this sort of behaviour and perhaps the Autobots wouldn't have been 'scattered to the winds'.

Ultra Magnus. Well, he seemed okay, but it was a carbon copy of the by the book bore of the IDW comics. But I liked that he roused the Autobots and seems a capable military commander.

Overall though, watching these three episodes back to back was quite hard going. Although the show seems pacy and there's a lot happening, there wasn't actually much that did that couldn't have been covered more economically in two episodes, rather than three. i did find my my mind wandering quite a bit, particularly during some of the lengthy fight scenes which werre the usual chase/ flight/ explosion combo stretched to breaking point. There's a much more episodic format to this season too, perhaps to be expected knowing that this third season has to wrap things up, so its about knuckling down and telling the story. The animation remains as impressive as ever, although the budgetary constraints do mean that the human population is still incredibly absent which feels very wrong for a show set on Earth.