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2013-03-25, 03:34 PM
Always love shockwave, since the galactic, futuristic gun of G1. But never had the chance to have one of the action figures.
TF Prime return the character to the G1 "form" and so which one to get?
The Transformers Generations: Fall of Cybertron G1 HASBRO (that I do not know if it is the same as the japanese TF Prime shockwave),
The japanese TF Prime shockwave? What are the diffrences between the previous two? Just the arm canon? Or one is better build/toys than the other?

Or the new figure form TF Prime Beast Hunters, that has a new mold (?) and with some "beast armor" pieces?

2013-03-25, 07:46 PM
None are really a close match to the original: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Shockwave_(Prime)

My guess is there'll be an official Masterpiece Shockwave eventually.

There's a fan-made MP type one:

2013-03-25, 08:55 PM
The 3rd party one is said to be outstanding, I've yet to succumb for one though.

The FOC version is small and not ideal, but the Beast Hunters one looks promising if you can get over the tank alt mode.

2013-03-25, 09:29 PM
The 3rd parties bots are wonderfull imo. Yes, I can and he will spend more time in robot mod.

2013-03-25, 10:50 PM
The Binaltech figure does it for me :) I do own the G1 and find him too skinny. That third party one is step in the right direction, but the legs are a bit too hefty.

2013-03-26, 03:15 PM
Thanks. Possibly will go for the beast hunters one. And were to get one in europe? I bought my MP-Starscream in Archonia, but they only have the DOTM and the FOC ones.

2013-04-24, 08:18 PM
I am still getting by with my old Energon Shockblast, but that Beast Hunters one may be replacing it soon...

2013-07-06, 01:31 AM
Fans Toys FT-03 Quake Wave-3rd party figure looks great! Do not have it yet. But you ain't beat the good old G1 version! I have the original purple one and a gray version.