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2013-03-26, 11:25 PM
Now, I just know a lot of you out there are computer geeky persons so I need a question answering:

Can I attach a Raspberry Pi B to an android tablet screen?

Okay, yes, I assume that I physically can; but what about actually getting it to work?

I am soon to be the proud owner of a Raspberry and want to use it as the core for a mini-computer while I learn to drive it. I have a mini keyboard with touchpad that will be right and I want to set up a dedicated 7" or 8" screen so any project I eventually plump for is self-contained. As I intend to teach myself programme basics, I do not want to have to keep attaching it to one of my big monitors with all the cable fluffing that'll take. Also: I want to keep it cheap.

Any information gratefully and respectfully received.

2013-03-27, 09:21 PM
Based on skimming rather than Pi use; I'd be more inclined to just build apps for Android if there was anything I needed. (And have gotten by for the last decade or so with LAMP web stuff, AutoHotkey/AutoIt, VBScript, etc. Whatever gets the job done.)


Am I understanding right you want to take the screen from a donor tablet?

Someone's shilling for a screen of that size here;

Lots of people using cheap 3.5" screens around.

Using a tablet as a screen, rather than using a tablet screen;

Similarly, control the Pi from a tablet;

HDMI to VGA is a pain, but 15"/17" TFTs are worth nothing and I'd have thought you might know someone local (or spot on Freecycle or similar, or on eBay with collect only) happy to get the space back. Look for one with DVI rather than or as well as VGA and things get easier.

2013-04-08, 12:48 PM
I have the option of a Fujitsu Siemens screen - and I can see that yes, a TFT is the best option as it's DVI.

Finally got the Raspberry (as it were) on Saturday. Have boxed it and read up a little. I just need to find the time...

Had to rebuild my desktop this weekend gone as I installed Uniblue which promptly slagged it; seems that Uniblue is not friendly with Dell systems. The company insists it doesn't have to tell buyers that, so hard cheese and 40 gone west, plus the time spent putting the desktop back.

Emptor caveat, especially if the company does not supply full information anyway.