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2013-03-31, 08:53 PM
So I've finally got some money for the first time in 5 years and decided I might take a look to see whether I can pick up any interesting toys from the Classics line (I only have Prowl and Starscream) only to find all the old toy haunts I used to use either don't have them or are selling them for extortionate prices (70 and up in most cases).

I figure the toys are obviously discontinued, but if I'm to find them reasonably priced am I doomed to keeping an eye on eBay and sales threads like on here?

2013-03-31, 09:14 PM
Pretty much, although I've found they've averaged a bit over twenty quid when picking them up behind the curve and importing from the US. Depends which ones you're after.

Earlier "name" ones such as Skywarp and Astrotrain tend to be in short supply (there's a three-pack of seekers either been released in Asia by now or upcoming) but loose later ones are a bit more reasonable -- eg, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200906176979

2013-04-01, 07:18 AM
The ones with re-releases such as Hot Rod and Bumblebee have also seen their after market prices drop. I managed to snag Classics Hot Rod for 10 and 'bee for around 6.

The seekers tend to be the most pricy ones, although Generations Thrust seems to be far more plentiful than his other Seeker brethern (perhaps due to being a first wave figure in his assortment and thus having a higher production run/ greater availability in all markets).

2013-04-02, 07:50 PM
So what's the Reveal The Shield jazz about? Are they just repainted/rereleased classics under a different banner?

Any recommendations on good ones, or ones I should stay away from? I ask because I just purchased Bumblebee RtS and he looks nifty, better paintjob than the Classics one imo, but then I saw Hot Rod and he looked like a cheap knock off in comparison to the Classics one.

2013-04-02, 07:56 PM
RTS is the first release of Jazz, AFAIK -- it's just a line with some Classics/Generations.

Prowl's a bit disappointing. Too insubstantial.

Wreck-gar came out particularly nicely, as did Wheeljack, and I do like getting characters such as Straxus and Black Shadow in the line.

2013-04-02, 10:56 PM
RTS was this odd mix of mostly "Classics" styled characters mixed with a handful of movie ones.

RTS Jazz is the first release of a Classics style figure for him. RTS also brought us a Classics Perceptor, Tracks, Wreck-Gar, Grapple, Windcharger, and Lugnut.

Also look for Generations, which was recent and a lot of pretty decent figures came out in it (like the aforementioned Wheeljack, Straxus, and Black Shadow), but also Warpath and Kup got new figures as well.

2013-04-03, 08:21 AM

From Classics:

Bumblebee, Hot Rod, Mirage, Ramjet, Skywarp (part of a two pack w/ Ultra Magnus), Jetfire isn't bad but looks a bit wonky and expensive BotCon Dreadwind works the mould better.

From 2007 Movie line (oddly):

Fracture (Mirage repaint homaging Crasher from Gobots)

From Universe:

um...Cyclonus..? 2008 wasn't a good year for these 'Classics' designs. Drag Strip (another Mirage repaint) and Overkill (Grimlock repaint that fits the mould better) are worth tracking down, but are a bit pricy as limited releases.

Blades, a simple Cybertron Evac repaint is pretty good. I quite like Storm Cloud whom is a a repaint of the Voyager scale Powerglide figure. has massive flaming boobs and tiny arms though. Inferno is also boxy fun.


Warpath, Wheeljack, Thrust, Dirge (i like the coneheads, alright?)

Reveal The Shield:

Jazz, Wreck Gar - watch out for Wreck Gars handlebars, the plastics are fragile where the handlebars are screwed in on a pin. Transforming the figure causes these to move to the sides when forming his right leg, but they develop stress fractures and will eventually split - as two Wreck Gars that I own have both done. Razzin' Frazzin' crappy materials, Tracks, Lugnut, Grapple

2013-04-03, 06:27 PM
So far in the "Classics" vein (I'm not enough of a toy nut to know the difference in lines) I've got Prowl, Starscream, RtS Bumblebee and Sunstreaker. I think I'm looking more at the Pre-TFTM characters, so would love to get my hands on Sideswipe, Jazz, Wheeljack and Red Alert... Got my eyes on Silverbolt and Tracks (Turbo?) as well.

2013-04-05, 02:50 AM
If your looking for any CHUG figures. Have a look at my for sale thread. I'm selling all mine off :)