View Full Version : G1 and some Generations for sale...

The Reverend
2013-04-23, 01:14 AM
I know most of you are on the other side of the Atlantic and the shipping isn't necessarily viable, but in case anyone's interested, I've been clearing out some of my duplicates and lot pieces and stuff


The Reverend
2013-04-26, 09:41 PM

Generations Prowl
G1 Headstrong
G1 Skullcruncher & Grax
MicroChange Browning
TFC Junkion Blacksmith Broadcaster (Headmaster Blaster)
G1 Ramhorn w/ weapons

The Reverend
2013-11-19, 04:31 AM
Still haven't moved Headstrong or Skullcruncher.
Also put up a full set of unopened HoC PVCs. I set the price high in case somebody jumped, but the "Best Offer" option is there for a reason...

The Reverend
2013-11-20, 03:23 PM
I've probably mentioned this elsewhere, but I bought a lot a year or so ago that had Rampage, Divebomb and Headstrong in it. I sold Rampage and Divebomb in like the first week I listed it. Poor Headstrong... nobody wants him.

Realized I had a stack of G1-character Robot Heroes taking up some shelf space as well, so I quickly listed them too. They moved in about an hour, too bad same buyer didn't want the PVCs and the little Titaniums I'm also trying to ditch :)

The Reverend
2013-11-20, 10:12 PM
Dropped in a Robot Masters Beast Convoy too, since I never opened the damn thing.

2013-11-20, 11:25 PM
Is Skullcruncher only missing the weapon?

The Reverend
2013-11-20, 11:58 PM
No tail/club thing and no rifle.

The Reverend
2013-12-09, 01:54 AM
Well, I moved most of the cooler stuff. Now if I can just get Headstrong and Galvatron out of my house...

The Reverend
2013-12-16, 01:38 AM
Updating the store tonight and tomorrow with some new G1s and parts.
I don't have it listed yet, but I've got a God Ginrai (PM Prime w/ Apex Armor Hasbro) if anyone wants to deal on that.

The Reverend
2013-12-17, 03:29 AM
C'mon, somebody take Headstrong off my hands, he's annoying me :)

The Reverend
2013-12-17, 03:41 PM
Okay, as of right now I've got these:

G1 Headstrong
G1 Galvatron
G1 Beastbox
G1 Shrapnel
G1 Bombshell
G1 Wreck-Gar
G1 Powermaster Prime cab
G1 Groove
God Ginrai TRU reissue
various Micromasters
a lot of three Go-Bots (Crasher, Loco, Rock Lord Brimstone)
and a G2 Sideswipe.

And some other various parts and stuff.

The Reverend
2014-01-14, 03:38 PM
I listed my MegaSCFs today as well if anybody wants them. I like them a lot... but just no reason to keep cluttering up my room with them.