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2013-04-27, 01:22 PM
Went and saw Iron Man 3 last night. A good fun romp, perhaps a little heavy on the humour but with some incredibly dark moments that I guess needed balancing. As ever, Downey Jr. sells it. My only complaints are that it didn't seem to be 'about' anything, it was just a bunch of stuff that happened, and the action never really makes me feel that the characters are in any danger.
Also, they didn't pronounce Extremis the way I did in my head when reading the comics.
The Mandarin reveal caught me totally off-guard. I'm sure a few fans of the character will be up in arms, but I never really thought Green Lantern X 10 was an appropriate nemesis for Iron Man and preferred the focus on Extremis.

Anyway, I'm far more excited to see Man of Steel. Superman Returns was a bit of a disappointment so it seems like Superman is long overdue a decent film. And I've seen so much Marvel, a decent DC film will make a nice change.

2013-05-01, 03:43 PM
Iron Man 3

Is it any good then? Well, yes. Yes it is. Mainly because it avoids the usual pratfalls of all super hero threquels and doesn't overdo it with a parade of villains. Tony Stark is much more front and centre in this film, with his super hero alter-ego pushed squarely to the background, save for the finale (now spoiled by trailers everywhere by showing Stark activating all his Iron Man suits). What I enjoyed about the film is that it takes the source material and does fresh new things with it. Warren Ellis' acclaimed Extremis story has more than a few elements pilfered from it for this third film, but it doesn't feel like a tired carbon copy (unlike , sadly, Kireon Gillen's opening run on the recently relaunched comic book) and there's a great, great swipe at our stupid society with a Think Tank largely set as the main villain. These horrible things have cropped up in the last twenty or so years, and these horrible corporate things whisper in the ears of any government willing to listen and are how we end up with sh*t like 'Private Finance Initiatives' b*ggering up our infrastructure to the enrichment of a few, so i gave a small cheer (internally - it was a cinema, after all) to see this acknowledged in a big dumb mainstream film. The use of the Mandarin in the film was a neat subversion and also , when one thinks about it, probably not too far from the truth of the West's demonising of "men in foreign places with beards and funny head gear". I was pleased that it spared us the silly comic origins of space dragons trapped in rings and other such guff. It is, basically, Michael Bay does Homeland. Its not subtle, but I did like that those sort of themes are played with. There's also some chuckles to be had with Iron Patriot, a cheesy re-spray of War Machine that met with approval from focus groups whom thought War Machine sounded too aggressive and threatening!

With Stark being so central in this film, the supporting cast don't come off so well. Pepper is disappointingly placed as the damsel in distress and even the moments of her stepping up at the end aren't enough to rescue (pardon the pun) whats been done with the character - nor the too tidy 'happily ever after' wrap up which puts paid to what could have been an interesting take on her recent comic book superhero career (itself also disappointgly undone. boo, marvel boo!). There are a few other cliches chucked in for good measure - the cute child, military fundamentalism, evil corporations which let the film down . As well as a silly skewed threat to the presidents life by a villain with a smiliar lack of moral scruples...which just seemed really, really odd and out of place and made a nonsense of his evil plan. These small niggly things and the aforementioned ending rather spoiled the film, the ending in particular which seemed dictated by Hollywood's unwritten Law Of Three - thou shalt make a trilogy and no more.

Favourite line : "His Hamlet is well regarded in Croydon...wherever the hell that is"

There is an end of credit scene, which is cute with Bruce Banner - still played by the mighty Ruffalo - but not really worth sticking around for ten minutes of credits to see.

2013-05-02, 02:21 PM
I am very much looking forward to Man of Steel. Superman has been my favorite hero since I was little. And yes, a good Supes movie has been long overdue. I ended up seeing Superman Returns in the IMAX theater twice with a handful of 3D scenes. Back then I thought the movie was awesome, but I've watched it a couple times on DVD since and it just ends up as a big 'meh'. Man of Steel looks like it's going to be a good one.

Iron Man 3 looks pretty damn good too, but I will most likely wait until I can just rent it on Bluray.

2013-05-02, 09:39 PM
I'm a bit indifferent to Superman. He's never stuck me as particularly interesting - he's the goodest of the good guys- but the trailer has peaked my curiosity.

I'm up for Thor 2 - which surprised me, but I really enjoyed the first one!

Not superheroes, but the new Star Trek looks pretty good.

2013-06-14, 08:57 PM
So, man of steel was great. Very much does its own thing, a nice watch. It's all eye candy, of course, but it does have a heart to it. Nice little water eggs all the way through as well.

And of course, yet another film to add to the "big blue laser firing up/ down in a city" list.

Would recommend, though. It certainly had more genuine peril to it than Avenger ever mustered.

2013-06-16, 05:14 AM
Saw Iron Man 3 about a week ago. Pretty great overall, but the ending just felt...lame, ya know what I mean?

2013-06-16, 06:42 PM
Yeah, I know what you mean. Tacked on and not thought through, like they weren't sure if RDJ was coming back.

2013-06-22, 11:32 PM
I didn't much care for Iron Man 3, even though I'm a big fan of the Marvel movieverse that's been building up over the last several years. I thought it was ok. I just didn't like how completely nutso they went with the remote controlled suits. Jarvis was so much better than Iron Man. And I really don't think that should happen in a movie called Iron Man 3.