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2013-05-03, 08:42 PM
After getting Fort Max, it hit me how much I use my Transformers not just as decorations, but as functional parts of my home office.

Here are three examples.

Unicron: He holds my Bat'leth letter opener.
Metroplex (G1): I use his chest to hold a USB key with backup business documents.
Fortress Max: His left foot holds my cell phone.

What creative uses do you have for your transformers?

2013-05-03, 08:49 PM
Unicron: He holds my Bat'leth letter opener.

Must be fighting women off with a stick.

inflatable dalek
2013-05-04, 01:11 AM
If a man with an Ideon can get a lady, anyone can.

With his shiny party hat I made Masterpiece Grimlock part of this years Christmas decorations.

2013-05-04, 02:05 AM
Must be fighting women off with a stick.

You're so sour.

As for me, I use the G1 Optimus Prime's trailer as a bank for oddball paper money like $2 bills.

2013-05-04, 01:09 PM
Always fancied getting a bat'leth... then again, I still haven't gotten around to learning to sword fight.

I use shelves, brackets and hooks etc. for things. TFs are for display (invariably robot mode) or fiddling with. My monitor stand (and storage underneath) is made out of black LEGO parts, though. Makes it easy to add bits on to hold speakers or a tablet.

2013-07-06, 02:08 AM
Lol! That's pretty creative use of your transformers Hotshot81! In my office at the college I have the G1 Matrix of Leadership statue that lights up and changes colors, Knight Morpher KM-03 Cyclops (Mastermind Creations version of Shockwave) which I use as a visual display when discussing the iron clad battleships in the Civil War between the North and the South, (I teach history classes at a local Jr college) and a G1 Optimus Prime Head iPad/iPod speakers to listen to music while I grade papers.

2013-07-06, 06:04 PM
I wouldn't call it using them, but a bit like Dalek, a couple of Christmases ago I decorated them with little Santa hats and snow and so on, as part of my flatwide decorations.

2013-07-21, 09:42 PM
Trypiticon (G1): My dog seems to view this as a toy/playmate. I will start him up, and my dog barks at it, and probes it with his nose. Convinced one day he as a dog will understand and defeat Trypiticon.

On a side note, this dog is smarter than most. He knows that if he knocks food off the table by "accident", that its all his. Shame we learned his trick after an accident with a box of donuts.

Auntie Slag
2013-07-21, 10:13 PM
Throttlebots to annoy sleeping dogs mostly :)

2014-01-05, 04:23 PM
Updating (not bumping) this thread.

Metroplex - Generations: I extended one of his fingers to hold my car keys.

2014-01-05, 07:55 PM
Generations Frenzy as office label/paperweight/card holder. Never mind the wannabe pumpkin.