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2013-05-15, 07:52 PM
hopefully over the next week I'll catch up on these, so for now the plan (such as it is) is to put all four in just the one thread. The first two are done and follow [Not for whoever uploads them, issue 8 and 9 need doing as well]:

Transformers Prime 10.

Mad Dogs and Autobots.

Script: Robin Etherington [wrongly credited to Chris Cooper].
Art: Dario Brizuela.
Lettering: Comicraft.


Washington: General Rufus "Mad Dog" Madison is furious when he discovers the government funding for his MECH fighting robot battle suits has been cut, seemingly because Agent Fowler has his own similar project under development in Nevada. Outraged at what he believes to be the stealing of his idea Madison plots his revenge.

At the Autobot base a game of bobbing for engine blocks is interrupted by Fowler requesting Prime's help in freeing an oil rig from that's been captured by environmentalists. However, this is a trap and all that awaits Optimus and his team is Madison and his men decked out in their own battle suits, and as the Autobots won't kill humans this puts them at a tactical disadvantage.

After a battle where the Autobots are able to take out some of the suits, Prime follows Jack's advice and appeals to the General's vanity by surrendering to him. When Madison tries to bring the human he believes is in the giant suit out he is only faced by circuitry and promptly freaks out. Later, when another U.S. Soldier is impressed that they beat Mad Dog just by surrendering Prime quips that sometimes all you need to do is show people what's really inside.

Characters Featured:

Jack; Miko; Arcee; Bulkhead; Optimus; Fowler; Ratchet; Bumblebee.


Continuity galore: Madison' project was intended to fight MECH and Fowler makes reference to the events of issue 6.

The fact the humans are teaching the Autobots how to bob for apples suggests this issue might be set around Halloween.


The wrong author is credited for the comic strip.

The Trans Files once again gets Miko's name wrong (and her age as well this time), and claims the FBI have "Sinced recovered the Orb".

Fantastic Free Gift!:

A "Decepticon Drencher!" water pistol.


The Trans Files provides information on the events of episode 10 of the show;
The episode guide also covers Deus Ex Machina;
A double sided poster of Arcee and Bumblebee;
Mega-Mouth, with a nice selection of kids art;
Starscream's Stumpers!;
Greek Adventure!, quizzes based once again on episode 10;
Competition for the novel The Emerald Atlas.

Review: It's been a log time since I did one of these reviews (at the time of writing the now quarterly comic is up to issue 14, close to a year after this was published), not for any exciting sexy reasons, just sheer laziness combined with taking on a big stonking weekly writing project. So coming back after an absence requires a pretty decent issue to make it feel worthwhile.

Luckily, this is great fun. Mad Dog is one of the more entertaining new villains the book has created and all the characters are on top form, Bulkhead is especially memorable as he tries to bob for engine blocks. Prime's solution to the problem is nice and inventive as well, and the scenes of the Autobots playing silly buggers with the robo suits during the fight are delightfully silly.

The art is also some of the best the book as had in a good long while, nice and crisp with a very good Optimus.

As always, this is first and foremost a kids comic, but within those terms this is a very well done issue that's just self aware enough not to completely put off older fans.

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inflatable dalek
2013-05-15, 07:59 PM
Transformers Prime 11.

The Battle For Bulkhead.

Script: Robin Etherington.
Art:Dario Brizuela.
Lettering: Comicraft.


Alaska: Bulkhead has single handedly destroyed a Decepticon energon store, but has been damaged in the process and is quickly overpowered by Vehicons. On board the Nemesis the deeply annoyed Megatron places the Autobot in a new type of prison cell, one with a forcefield that wipes the mind of the person within it as it shrinks.

Luckily Bulkhead has a direct link to Miko's cell phone, allowing him to call for help. The Autobots use the ground bridge to board the Nemesis and, whilst the robots provide a distraction, the humans find and free Bulkhead, blowing a large hole in the ship that destroys the technology in the process. This is, for Megatron, a bad day at the office.

Back at the base, a gleeful Miko is going to get a lot of monster truck racing out of Bulkhead in return for saving him.

Characters Featured: Bulkhead, Vehicons [Many destroyed]; Megatron; Optimus, Ratchet, Arcee, Miko,Bumblebee.


Etherington uses the Alaskan setting to provide kids with some educational background on the sasquatch myth.

Bulkhead's mind was also threatened in the TV episode T.M.I.

The cover is again larger, this time to accommodate the cut out dice.

This is the last, to date, monthly issue of the comic. From herein it's quarterly, which seems to have been a late in the day decision. It's worth noting that Prime has basically made no impact in the UK whatsoever and it's likely the only reason the book hasn't been cancelled outright is Titan wanting to keep hold of the licence till the next film comes out.

Amongst the other things that impacts, this means this is also the last issue to feature the episode guide in its current form.


Megatron claims the energon Bulkhead destroyed was going to be used for his new prison, but it still has enough power to work [He's just a grumpy git].

It's very amiss of the Decepticons not to disable Bulkhead's communication abilities. Miko also calls her cell phone a mobile, a British-ism.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Dark of the Moon branded dart shooter.


Transformers Roll Call!, a guide to "Optimus Prime's" summer 2012 tour of the UK, where you can go and see the Autobot leader in various locations around the country, including Chris Evans' Radio 2 carfest. Though the page has a picture of Prime Prime on it the truck being used on the tour is one of the film props (or at least identical to it);
The episode guide covers Speed Metal;
Rescue Bulkhead! quiz page based on the comic;
Competitions for Transformers and Battleship Kre-O's, plus Nerf guns;
Double sided poster of Megatron and Bumblebee;
Ratchet's Joke Page, including some very old "Doctor, Doctor!" gags;
Mega Mouth;
Starscream's Stumpers;
Bumblebee's Summertime Wordsearch;
Decepticon Dare Dice!!, a cut out a glue together dice with various dares (of the child friendly variety, not the getting two women to kiss or downing your pint type) written on each side.


Something of a step down from last issue. Though Bulkhead remains well written and Megatron's sheer frustration at the useless day he's having is entertaining. But the actual threat to Bulkhead is rather nebulous; for all the talk of a mind wipe the only thing that seems to happen to him after prolonged exposure is extreme drooling.

However, the art continues the upward trend of last month and Optimus casually smashing Vehicon heads together whilst encouraging the humans to do something foolhardy is surprisingly cool.

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inflatable dalek
2013-05-20, 07:41 PM
Transformers Prime 12

The Evil Shred.

Script: Robin Etherington.
Art: Dario Brizuela with Franco Riesco.
Lettering: Comicraft.


During a battle on the border between Arizona and Utah Starscream tells Soundwave to "Take matters in hand", an order he decides to take literally as he shoots his hand off into the distance into Bumblebee's chest. Thinking it's merely shrapnel Ratchet orders the yellow Autobot back to base to rest, accompanied by Raf.

At the base Raf tries to cheer up Bumblebee with a late night horror cartoon marathon, but after the two fall asleep the hand emerges from Bumblebee's wound and proceeds to wreck havoc, much to the confusion of Raf who wonders if he's having a TV induced hallucination. Luckily for them, Miko has left he party-kit box in the base, including a Big Banger firework. Tying the hand to the explosive they fire it out of the mountain where an impressive night sky display is put on, much to Miko's annoyance as she'd been saving it for a special occasion. Meanwhile Soundwave, not owning a spare, is forced to dig through the desert looking for every individual piece of his hand.

Characters Featured: Bumblebee, Raf, Jack, Miko, Vehicons [Many Destroyed], Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, Starscream, Soundwave, Ratchet.


The first quarterly issue, the comic strip is different from that described in the next issue box of 11, the order presumably having been jigged about to allow this to come out over Halloween. Bumblebee's underwater battle will show up in issue 13.

To try and counter the now drastically decreased publication schedule this issue came bagged with two free gifts.

The title and the farewell to arms nature of the plot take direct inspiration from The Evil Dead films, specifically the second one.

The horror cartoon Raf watches is called Mummies Have Feelings II (or possibly !! As that part of the screen is covered).

In keeping with the horror theme, Starscream is carrying the traditional tool of all angry villagers- the flaming torch- whilst helping Soundwave find his fingers.


Miko has been saving her fireworks for over a year, if this is Halloween why wouldn't she have used them for July 4th?

The next issue page gives the publication date for 13 as January 2012 rather than '13.

Fantastic Free Gift!

A Prime Cyber Blaster and a reuse of the previous issues Dark of the Moon Disc Blaster.


Prime Viewing!, replacing the episode guide this sums up key events in early season 2 of the show;
Competitions for Geomag police sets and Prime Weaponizers;
Bumblebee's Brainteasers!, quizzes related to the comic;
A double sided poster of Ratchet and Bumblebee;
Airachnid Profile;
Soundwave's Stumpers!, due to Starscream having "Gone away";
Transformers Roll Call!, recap of the Optimus Prime tour mentioned last issue;
Mega Mouth.


Well, I'll admit I'm a sucker for really bad puns, to an almost embarrassingly childish level. So I'm going to give Etherington a big hand and not point the finger for arming his script with so many delightfully daft jokes. There's good fun to be had here with Raf being especially well written, his fourth wall breaking jokes about what happens in comics being the sort of thing that could be annoying but instead comes off as rather charming.

If there's a flaw it's one that Etherington couldn't have known about when he wrote it, and that is this is a somewhat underwhelming story to return to after three months. With only four issues a year now everyone really needs to be hitting it out of the ballpark, which this doesn't manage to do.

However, it's hard to hate the comic for events beyond its control, and I'll go out on a limb and say if nothing else this will give the less mature people a good chuckle.

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inflatable dalek
2013-05-21, 07:49 PM
Transformers Prime 13

Protecting the Lady

Script: Robin Etherington.
Art: Jeremy Tiongson.
Colours: Sam Palmer.
Lettering: Comicraft.


Liberty Island: Agent Fowler has discovered the Decepticons plan to destroy humanities ultimate symbol of independence, and has worked out this means the Statue of Liberty. Optimus and Bumblebee go in alone in order to not draw too much attention from either the Decepticons or humans, and discover Megatron and the Decepticons waiting for Earth's media to come watch them decapitate Lady Liberty.

With the presence given away by a sonic mine, the Autobots are forced to engage the enemy, with Bumblebee having to take on the Vehicons alone whilst Prime goes to stop Megatron. The Decepticon leader comes close to success, but is beaten by Bumblebee throwing a Vehicon at him, allowing enough of a distraction for Optimus to kick him into the sea.

Shortly afterwards, Fowler is deeply annoyed that not only has half of New York seen giant robots fighting but that the statue has been badly damaged as well. Optimus promises to get her back in PRIME condition.

Characters Featured: Bumblebee; Optimus; Vehicons [Many Destroyed]; Fowler; Ratchet; Bulkhead; Megatron. Soundwave is spoken to but not seen.


The Statue of Liberty has featured prominently in several previous Transformers stories, in particular the art of Megatron and Prime fighting atop the statue seems to have taken visual cues from Runabout and Runamuck in issue 23 of the Marvel U.S. Comic, Decepticon Graffiti.

Bumblebee has lots of little Autobot symbols fly round his head after he bashes in noggin.

The opening with Bumblebee emerging from the water suggests this was the story originally promoted in the Next Issue page back in 11, though the story here is different enough from that brief synopsis to suggest some major revisions in the months since.

Another bigger cover, this time to contain a cut out and make "Battle Bunker" for the free gift.

This issue was originally published three weeks later than planned, and also suffered from a cock up with Titan's digital department that saw it unavailable in virtual format.


Fowler takes great pride in having intercepted Megatron's transmission via a fancy new satellite network... But it turns out the Decepticon was sending the message out to everyone in order to draw attention to his plot.

After Prime takes out Megatron all the Vehicons vanish.

Surprisingly for a British comic, the idea of the Statue of Liberty as the ultimate human symbol of freedom is very American-centric.

Fantastic Free Gift!:

For the second time in the book's life, a free Transformer toy. This time from a current line rather than overstock, a Kre-O figure. Mine was Sunstorm, who is a bit rubbish, but hey, that's Sunstorm for you.


Primed For Action!, a new form for the episode guide covering Hurt through Alpha; Omega;
New Year Wordsearch, slightly late when the comic finally came out;
Soundwave's Stumpers!;
Competitions for Bot Shots and Kre-O toys;
Starscream's Star Signs!, for the year ahead, he likes Scorpios best like a sensible robot;
Kre-O Transformers, quizzes based around pictures of the toys;
Taking Liberties, quizzes based around the comic;
Are You An Autobot Or Decepticon?, personality quiz. I'm Agent Fowler;
Mega Mouth.


After several good issues on the trot this sees things come back to Earth with a bump. Surprisingly considering he's very much found his groove on the book by this point Etherington's script is very flimsy, full of holes and Optimus really doesn't sound very much like himself.

Art wise, there's a nicely stylised look to much of it, but, like the script, it also feels very rushed and poorly detailed.

Indeed, the whole thing feels so quickly throw together than, coupled with the delay in publication, that something fell through very late in the day and this was the last second stand in. Very disappointing considering the strong work Titan have been doing in the last few issues.

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inflatable dalek
2013-05-22, 08:22 PM
Transformers Prime 14

It's A Knock Out

Script: Robin Etherington.
Art: Horacio Domingues.
Colours: Nestor Pereyra.
Lettering: Comicraft.


In an American TV studio host Chuck Chuckles has the recording of his action/adventure game-show interrupted by the arrival of Knock Out and Breakdown, who cut the power and takes both presenter and audience hostage.

Later, a message sent from the studio demanding Fowler send Optimus and Bulkhead as negotiators for the release of the audience. Realising it's a trap, Prime also brings Arcee as backup, to run interference from outside the studio whilst they investigate inside.

Almost immediately upon entering the two Autobots are confronted by the Decepticons, who force them to the run the gauntlet of the now much more lethal game-show else the hostages will be killed. They survive all the challenges, even Vehicons dressed as mummies and Optimus even has change to point out inaccuracies in the Aztec based set.

Annoyed at his failure, Knock Out goes to blow up the final set with a bomb, but Arcee intervenes and sends the Decepticons packing. The audience are persuaded the whole thing was just the elaborate recording of a new version of the show (complete with unconvincing robot costumes), whilst Arcee grabs all recordings of their ordeal from the TV cameras so no humans will never see it.

Unfortunately, it does end up in the hands of three humans as Miko, Raf and Jack enjoy watching Bulkhead fail the first obstacle course and fall in the water... Over and over again.

Characters Featured: Knock Out; Bulkhead; Optimus Prime; Arcee; Fowler; Breakdown; Vehicons [Killed]; Miko; Raf; Jack.


The title of the story has Etherington show his age by naming it for the long running 1970's slapstick game show It's A Knock Out. Which, up until recently was best remembered for a special episode where members of the royal family embarrassed themselves for no good reason. However, in a case of bad timing making the choice of title unfortunately topical, whilst this issue was on release presenter Stewart Hall was found guilty of multiple cases of child molestation during his time on the series.

More cheerfully, the Down and Out game-show featured in the comic is very obviously based on '90's show The Crystal Maze, complete with Aztec and Medieval themed play areas. Chuckles is more Ed Tudor Pole that Richard O'Brien, sadly.

Another bigger cover to encompass cut out targets for the dart shooter.


Bulkhead's alt mode is way off in his introductory page, looking more like Classics Kup than his big bulky self.

The various traps for Optimus and Bulkhead are more than a bit rubbish, you have to wonder why Knock Out and Breakdown bothered.

The gullibility of the audience members in believing their horrific ordeal was just part of a TV show and the Autobots are merely poor special effects is really pushing credibility.

It's really unclear what Arcee actually does at the end, she shoots the floor of the TV studio making the two Decepticons... Fall off a cliff?

Fantastic Free Gift!

A dart shooter... But as the bag containing the comic proclaims you also get an EXTRA gift in another Kre-O toy, presumably left over stock from last issue. I got Crankstart this time. No, me neither.


It's Prime Time!, covers the episodes from Hard Knocks to Darkest Hour;
Competitions for Prime DVD's and toys;
Kre-O Transformers Conundrums!, quizzes based on the toys;
Ultimate Smackdown: Starscream V Soundwave;
Soundwave's Stumpers!;
Poster of the Autobots;
All About Knock Out!, profile of the Decepticon;
Down and Out!, quizzes based on the comic;
The Trans Files, looking at the history of The Nemesis;
Mega Mouth;
Super Cybertronian Search!, wordsearch fun.


After the serious dip in quality of the previous issue, things return to normal here with another fun, if deeply silly instalment.

The plot itself doesn't stand up to the slightest scrutiny, but the sight of Optimus and Bulkhead having to deal with these marginally rubbish ITV4 level challenges- complete with Optimus being shocked the Aztec set has Egyptian hieroglyphics on it- is genuinely sweet. Opposite them Knock Out and Breakdown get to be nicely OTT baddies, I especially love Breakdown pleading to push the button that may destroy the Autobots.

The art isn't quite up to the challenge, though it does manage a bit of decent slapstick it's not quite as ludicrously exaggerated as the situation requires. Though, again, it's more polished than the previous issue's seemingly quickly knocked together work.

As I always qualify with these reviews, this is firmly aimed at the youngsters (though with it's references to 1990's automatic lock in obsessed game shows and 1970's paedophiles it's at least got something for the older readers) but this is still a generally well done issue on those terms and suggests the previous story was just a temporary blip rather than a sign of terminal decline.

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...And BANG up to date.

2013-07-27, 07:22 AM
Oh damn, I haven't uploaded these into the site since -checks- issue 7. :o

Many apologies Dalek, will work on it soonest.

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No worries, I've still got to get issue 15 despite it being out for weeks so we're all behind.

Though I'm mainly put off by the fact 15 apparently doesn't have a comic in it. o: