View Full Version : Scattershot G1 Repair help

2013-05-17, 02:56 PM
Long story short, Strafe's head is stuck in Scattershot's shoulder, after I decombine them for some cleaning.

Does anyone have any ideas how to remove the head from the shoulder joint?

2013-05-17, 03:00 PM
Some tweezers perhaps? Perhaps taking the arm apart could help also? The picture isn't very clear so I can't relly tell. Sorry :o

2013-05-17, 03:22 PM
Dismantling the limb might be the easiest solution. I think that's what I had to resort to, to get Slingshot's head out of Silverbolt's foot when I was a kid.

That, or you could use a little nail or pin as a lever to try and pry it out.

2013-05-17, 03:22 PM
Blu-tak might work with sufficient amount, if tweezers can't quite reach Strafe's poor noggin.

Dismantling is probably the only surefire way, though.

Auntie Slag
2013-05-17, 03:59 PM
Glue! A reasonably tough epoxy on the end of something, like the tip of a toothbrush or a pen.

Set the toothbrush in place over Strafe's neck and once it's dry it should pull out. Better than removing Scattershot's arm, surely :)

2013-05-17, 08:22 PM
My Strafe was decapitated years ago for the same reason. I think I used a knife tip or small flat head screwdriver to get it out.

2013-05-18, 01:25 PM
I am going to try the glue idea (yes long weekends rock), since I have such little clearance between the head and the joint.

Since others have had this problem, I'd like to do follow up.

Is Strafe sadly dead as a figure?(Local Kijiji has him and 2 other technobots at $50)
Is there a way to check the other joins to avoid this from happening again?

2013-05-19, 06:20 PM
Just posting an update here, because a) People offered advice, and B) If someone has this problem they have a solution.

With the help of goop and an Alan key, I let the glue set before going YOIK, and out come Strafe's head.

Auntie Slag
2013-05-19, 06:32 PM
Yay, good for you! Now in your previous post you said; "Is Strafe dead as a figure"? I think you can do the glue trick again to glue Strafe's head safely back on his body. This will probably depend on the glue you use.

There is a product called 'Araldite', it's an inexpensive combination glue you can find in a hardware store and it comes with two tubes. Dab a small glob of from each tube onto a piece of card and mix it together using, a toothpick or something. Then apply this mix to Strafe's broken neck and set in place. Once this glue sets it sets HARD and Strafe's head should never come off when combining into Computron any more!

As an example of how good this glue is, I once broke a ceramic sugar pot lid into a couple of pieces 20 years ago. I used this product to glue the pieces back together and the lid has been rock solid ever since. If you can't find Araldite I'm sure any other 'combination' glue will work just as well.