View Full Version : [Prime] SE03EP05 Project Predacon

2013-05-21, 09:04 AM
Its a quest. AGAIN. Its archaeology with laser guns. Megatron's grand plan is to clone an army of long dead Preds for nothing more than POWER and DESTRUCTION. How 'geewun' of him. Nice stand out moments for Soundwave, 'Bee and Smokescreen in this episode. Ultra Magnus is a stuffed shirt and Shockwave is left to tinker with bones in his lab because he's too valuable to Megatron which probably means we wont see much of him until the big reveal of the Preds. Seems a bit of a waste.

I wish i could be more positive about this show, and I thought there'd be a bit more 'going out with a bang', but its reverting to the same dull questing that we've had for the last two seasons. Boring!

2013-05-21, 02:18 PM
I was more worried that, during the fight scenes, Bumblebee was able to defeat Shockwave!

2013-05-21, 06:19 PM
I liked the episode a lot. Loved the Shockwave vs Bee and Smokescreen fight, interested to see how things will develop between Wheeljack and Magnus and I actually like the questing. Also like the new color scheme on Smokescreen. Gives him a bit of the Binaltech look :up: