View Full Version : [Prime] SE03EP06 Chain Of Command

2013-05-29, 08:52 AM
Nice little knockabout episode with Starscream put in charge of Predaking (still annoyingly just named by his sub group designation in the cartoon). What do you mean you're shocked a bit of snow didn't finish off Hasbro's new toy?! Interestingly, despite having fiddled about with their genetics and knowing how they function, it would seem the Decepticon sensors are rubbish at picking up Predacons "There's a large mass on the hull", oh please. So mostly an episode of Starscream being useless counterpointed by Wheeljack's own continuing insubordination. He clearly hates Ultra Magnus, seemingly for 'cramping his style'. Miko also shows up, but isn't annoying and getting into trouble and finally gets to make up for all her misdemeanours by wearing the Apex armour and putting the smackdown on Starscream and some jet guys. With only 7 episodes to go, the show could really do with picking up the pace on the main plot line. I've a funny feeling this will just trundle along until some two-part finale.