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Lady Quickswitch
2013-05-31, 01:57 PM

I'm trying to work out how to make spaces (more than 1 or 2) between word and letters with html and vbulletin. Any idea how to do this? Looking around on the net as we speak, Thanks.

Th                      i s is a test.

2013-05-31, 06:10 PM
Hmm... * let's * see * if * * this * * * * *works.

edit: Nope, hard space doesn't.

Attempt #2...

This should be an em-space.

2013-05-31, 06:22 PM
Responding to emails/PMs from people is on my to-do list, BTW.

I'm not sure if there's a way out-of-the-box to type em spaces (so-called because they're as wide as an M, or as wide as the point size of a font) in most operating systems.

You can edit the Windows registry in recent versions to allow Alt+ shortcuts with higher character values, such as the Unicode one you'd want for an em space, which is U+2003;


It is in fact possible to type any Unicode character directly from the keyboard in Windows 7. Azathoth remembered correctly about the registry key. Here is how to activate it:

Open regedit
Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Input Method
If it doesn't exist, create a new string value named EnableHexNumpad
Set its value to 1
Log out and back in to apply the configuration
Now you can type any Unicode character by pressing and holding Alt, then typing a + followed by the hexadecimal Unicode (as displayed in Character Map as 'U+....', just leave out the U). Note that while for entering ASCII characters you must use the number pad keys, you must not use them for entering Unicode characters. It only works if you use the number keys above the letters. You can use the + key on the number pad though.

So, either the registry hack or using Character Map, in Windows at least.

Here's     a     few     of     them     to     copy:

This will, of course, probably break search indexing of posts since they won't be treated as spaces AFAIK.

Lady Quickswitch
2013-06-01, 03:20 AM
Thank you Denyer. :) I had not PMed you about this in partificular though.

2013-06-10, 07:45 PM
Yeah, I just try not to give the impression of ignoring anyone who's in the queue for catch-up mail/PMs if I've only got a few minutes to check forums.