View Full Version : [Prime] SE03EP08 Thirst

2013-06-17, 08:08 AM
Another good showcase for the ever-loveable Knock Out, this time tinkering with Silas Breakdown and subjecting him to all manner of nasty experiments. Here, he is dabbling with synthetic Energon. Starscream, unhappy with Megatron's plan to resurrect the Predacons hits upon the idea of using Dark Energon (remember that?) to animate Silas Breakdown by mixing it with Synthetic Energon, if all Megatron requires is a bunch of powerful slathering monstrosities (a neat dig at Megs current fascination). Needless to say, it all goes wrong and we get a riff on the uber-vamps from Blade II crossed with the old Marvel UK story, 'The Four Million Year Itch' in which Starscream and Knock Out set about trying to hide their problem from Megatron. Needless to say, this doesn't work out. It's a fairly solid episode and is fun, but has a definite 'Season One' feel about it which further evidences Prime's inability move beyond typical Saturday morning cartoon fare, despite the trappings of maturity the show occasionally displays. This episode is also notable for bringing Airachnid back into play, although given where she ends up, the resolution to her arc does feel a bit like the writers had remembered they'd best do something with her - given the continued looks at her trapped form over the last few epsidoes. Other nonsense can be seen in the unintentionally funny scenes of Megatron talking to Shockwave. Presumably he is using a Bluetooth headset, rather than just talking to the air as there is no response from Shockers. Either that, or he is mad, which would go some way to explaining his meandering and directionless leadership.