View Full Version : [Prime] SE03EP10 Minus One

2013-07-11, 06:45 PM
Tapping into familiar Transformers territory, having given up on his new toys, Megatron tries to fix a broken one by fixing the Omega Lock so he can Cyberform Cybertron AND Earth and be master of both Primus and Unicron. Its nice to see Megatron develop some ambition...and a point. Other than that, its a repetitve runaround as the Autobots are lead on another wild goose chase by the Decepticons leaving them exposed on another front. Everytime they fall for this...no wonder they're numbers are so low they fall for this all the time. Sigh. Nice vocal cameo from G1 Soundwave - poorly synthesized, though. Shame.

2013-07-11, 09:57 PM
One of the best episodes of the season, even if only by Soundwave screen time! And the vocal cameo is worth the episode!