View Full Version : [Prime] SE03EP11 Persuasion

2013-07-18, 05:39 PM
In which Megatron coerces the captive Ratchet into perfecting his synthetic Energon to power the Omega Lock. Everyone else has a punch up for twenty minutes and then we cut to Ratchet whom agrees to help Megatron after a grand tour of the science labs and showing off a technowatsit.

There's been a lot of fight scenes this series to pad out what are generally very slender episodes in terms of plot or characterization.

The interminably gruff voices used for the big guys all sound the same- and I can't believe how dreary Predaking is , endlessly waffling on about loyalty and his ancestry.

The total jettisoning of the 'Beast' element of this final series has really left me feeling a bit lost with the direction the series is taking, and it feels like the writers are too after someone told them 'er, we've not the budget for monsters...what else can you do?'.