View Full Version : Ultra high quality scans of Transformers UK

2013-08-03, 03:52 PM
I wonder if someone has done improved scans of the comics I grew up reading i.e Transformers UK? I have a set on DVD somewhere but I got them aeons ago. I don't suppose some lunatic has done a set of every single page? Even the ads? If so please pm me and I'll throw money at you! :)

2013-08-03, 04:19 PM
C2C of the UK material is around. Not sure about US. I doubt very much anyone's daft enough to sell it or to pass it around to people they don't know, and as the majority of the material is currently in print discussion of distributing it is off-limits for most forums, including this one.

Wouldn't really call any of what's out there ultra high quality, though. Paper that old doesn't scan particularly well.

2013-08-03, 05:47 PM
Most of the comics themselves have been reprinted by Titan and IDW in several formats. First in selected arcs like Target 2006 and Time Wars, then I think IDW's doing everything in thicker TPB's.

If you're interested solely in the comics, there's that, but it seems you're interested in everything else as well, so...

2013-08-18, 11:39 PM
Ah sorry lads....I've been a (not very active) member of this forum for donkey's years but I can understand the nervousness. Denyer I still have a pm from you dated 2003! :) Cheers.