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2013-08-06, 06:20 PM
I added some LEGOs to my Kre-o Ratchet set to make a transforming version. The transformation scheme is basically G1 Inferno, with a long tile forming the center of the roof in place of a ladder. The main difference is that the head isn't attached to that long piece, but instead has its own joints in the middle of the vehicle. These joints also cause the autobot symbol to show up in the chest in robot mode. The fists fold into the forearms, and the feet connect to the wrists to hold the vehicle mode together.

I mixed-and-matched kreon parts and assorted bricks to make microchanger versions of most of the Wreckers. I had to use red instead of orange for Impactor, and Broadside's LEGO helmet falls off pretty easily, but other than that I'm satisfied.
Back row L-R: Topspin, Roadbuster, Twin Twist, Whirl
Front row: Broadside, Impactor, Sandstorm
I'm not sure what Impactor's alt mode is supposed to be, either. I was out of tank treads, and a harpoon hand can't hold a wheel.

These guys aren't microchangers. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they're releasing a black version of the animal head/helmet anytime soon, so I had to use another flared LEGO helmet.

The gestalt on the left was inspired by Masquerade, the G1 episode where Autobots disguise themselves as the Stunticons and make a fake Menasor. It's made of Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Mirage, Windcharger, and most of the Predaking parts that aren't used to make individual Predacons. I left out Jazz and the slanted orange bricks since they conflicted with the color scheme.
The gestalt on the right is made of the leftover Decepticons from the other gestalts: Rampage, Hook, Blot/Blight and Blastoff. I used the extra limbs from the Microchanger gestalt sets and a human kreon waist to finish him. Below is a picture of him weilding Galvatron as a weapon, since I got sick of waiting for Piranacon and Seawing to come out.

I made my own Airachnid with 8 limbs in spider mode and a helicopter mode. She's on the right, the original is on the left. The helicopter blade spins freely, but makes the leg pack wobbly. Since you can't see store bought Airachnid's custom painted torso under her vest, I put the original torso in mine and one of the those translucent purple Quest-For_energon torso in the original.

Vehicon Mike
2015-10-01, 03:00 PM
Hmm, I like what I see.