View Full Version : Strangest G1 KO yet...

The Reverend
2013-08-07, 01:02 AM
I took photos, but my phone is charging right now.
Wife found this in a junk store today. It was labeled in a very worn box as "Dinosaur Warrior", and it was an oversized G1 Topspin with gold chest (GPS?) and black arms. No pontoons. Instead, a dinosaur head and tail were included. Bending Topspin into obscure vehicular-type-thing mode and then placing him pointing upwards on his engines allowed the T-rex head and tail to be connected and all you had to do was swing his arms down to make a very clunky, fugly dinosaur thing.

Never seen such a monstrosity before.

The Reverend
2013-08-07, 01:05 AM
Here it is (someone else's clip) - its the one in the middle.

2013-08-07, 04:44 AM
...those are horrible

The Reverend
2013-08-09, 01:25 AM
Yeah, it was $15 and I was tempted to buy it just as a curiosity, but I couldn't rationalize even $15, ha.