View Full Version : Transformers: Prime, Video game question

Aero Blade
2013-08-07, 03:16 AM
I've been looking at info and I think I'm sold on buying the game, but there's one thing bugging me that I haven't been able to find anyplace - is there any difference between the DS and the 3DS version of the game?

I've found in plenty of places about the Wii and 3DS versions being nearly identical except for the controls, but it's completely neglected in mentioning the DS version. I know where I can pick up a DS version of the game right now if I so chose, but I want to know if I'll be missing out on anything by going for that one instead of hunting down a 3DS version.

2013-08-07, 11:08 AM
When there have been DS and a 3DS version of the same game before, usually the only difference is the 3DS version can be played in 3D, and it has a shorter play time before you need to recharge the 3DS's battery.

I do own the 3DS Prime game, I think while it's not a great game, its far better then the Transformers: Animated DS title. Somewhere on my "to do" is a review of Transformers Prime 3DS version.