View Full Version : G1 DVDs - Worth Upgrading?

Inaction Master
2013-08-20, 10:31 PM
So the other day I had been watching some G1 episodes, but I off of the old Kid Rhino DVD set I have. You know, the ones with the added audio effects and using the prebroadcast footage. I know that Shout! Factory had put out the same sets on new (slimmer cased) discs with a lot of the errors of the Kid Rhino ones omitted in favor of being closer to the original broadcast versions, plus a few extra features as I understand. My question being, would the trade off from the old to the newer sets be worth it?

2013-08-21, 12:44 AM
I never saw the original ones. I am sorry the price just freaked me out.
I do have the Shout! Factory set, and they're great:) Part of me wants to put on my PJs, find a bowl of Cocopuffs as I watch them.

2013-08-21, 10:18 AM
I have the old Metrodome UK discs which also suffer from the animation cockups, but at least most of them have the original audio track as well.

I remember reading even the Shout! Factory sets have some faults of their own, but I can't remember what...

Skywarp the Seeker
2013-08-21, 07:11 PM
When Hurricane Sandy flooded my house, the Kid Rhino releases of the G1 seasons and TF:TM were lost in the wash. I don't know if that was Sandy being a jerk, having good taste, or both.

Unfortunately, although I'd like to own the complete G1 series again, I can't justify the cost seeing as G1 is streaming on Netflix whenever I want it, except for the movie.

inflatable dalek
2013-08-23, 03:25 PM
If you can get them cheap enough they're probably worth the change. I replaced my R1 DVD's when the Metrodome repackaging wound up being just a couple of quid each.

Though annoyingly the cheap boxsets don't have any information on which episodes are on which discs anywhere on the packaging.