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2013-08-28, 09:22 PM
I'd like this please:

Optimus Prime Masterpiece (http://www.toysrus.co.uk/Toys-R-Us/Toys/Action-Figures-and-Playsets/Transformers-Masterpiece-Optimus-Prime(0103941)?searchPosition=0).

Unfortunately it's not available for delivery and it's collection only which is problematic considering there's no TRU stores in my country (Republic of Ireland). Embarrassingly I'm not quite sure how this works exactly. It seems a big ask to expect someone to go to the store, purchase it and then post to a complete stranger but that seems to be what I'm doing!

It looks massive in the pictures so postage could be ridiculous to my home address in southern Ireland. I do have a forwarding address in Northern Ireland so that should help.

Hey worth a shot anyway.

Snapped it up on eBay for silly money! Couldn't wait any longer. It's my birthday on September 8 so I said **** it. TRU will probably get it in stock tomorrow morning.

2013-08-28, 10:10 PM
From the UK to ROI for under 3kg (Amazon quote 6 pounds shipping weight) you'd need Parcelforce, which is about twenty quid;


Or about fifteen to NI, though presumably moving it around to ROI would even it out;


If http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261272129452 can ship to ROI for similar to what they quote for UK, that's not too bad in terms of overhead if no-one's got one in stock in a a store near them that they don't mind picking up.

2013-08-29, 09:09 AM
I think you're saying that I won't save much over buying it from the eBay auction instead of getting someone here to buy it and post it?

So I think my options are (a) the eBay auction or (b) waiting for TRU to get stock and have it sent to my forwarding address in NI.

Hmm the difference would be about 45...that's not to be sniffed at. I don't know much about TRU online. Do you think they're just messing me about or that they actually might get stock soon?

Rack 'n Ruin
2013-08-29, 11:33 AM
I can't say for sure, but TRU UK are now starting to stock MP Soundwave & MP Acid Storm, according to reports of sightings. I can't see them carrying three different MP figures at once in the long term, so I reckon your only hope with TRU may be if they have any stock of MP OP somewhere in the country already that they move around and some ends up allocated for online orders / delivery. Maybe(?).

2013-08-29, 06:25 PM
the difference would be about 45...
~115 vs ~145

2013-08-29, 06:27 PM
Hmmm where are you getting the 115 mate? TRU website has it listed for 99! I thought I saw postage was free for high value stuff.

2013-08-29, 06:32 PM
Cheapest shipping if there were any anywhere to collect and forward on. As RnR pointed out, TRU aren't likely to restock for delivery with the other larger items they're beginning to stock.