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Red Dave Prime
2013-08-31, 03:06 PM
Transformers Autocracy #9

Published Date: May 9th 2012
Written by: Chris Metzen & Flint Dille
Art by: Livio Ramondelli
Colours by: Livio Ramondelli
Edited by: John Barber & Carlos Guzman
Cover price: $0.99


The Decepticons begin their rule over Iacon, declaring to the populace that they have taken control of the Data Net and Defence Grid of the city and that they are now the law. Megatron issues an amnesty to any autobot who wishes to join his revolution but warns that those who refuse will be dealt in kind.

In an Autobot Safe House, Paxís troops try to formulate a plan but are having trouble locating Orion. They are joined by Hot Rod but before they can agree on a Strategy they are captured by a Decepticon squad. As they are taken away, Starscream singles out Hot Rod and takes him aside, eager to try and recruit him.

Underneath Iacon, in a location referred to as the Undergrid, the battered body of Orion Pax crawls towards an unknown energy source. Hearing a strange voice urging him forward, he uses the last of his strength to reach out and claim the Matrix of Leadership, which has appeared out of nowhere. As its energy courses through his body, he feels a connection to all the people of Cybertron, and beyond.

The Matrix rebuilds his body, not just repairing him but recreating him. He realises his new calling, to bring freedom to all of Cybertron and create a better tomorrow. He is no longer Orion Pax, he is Optimus Prime.

Characters featured [in rough order of appearance]:

Megatron, Roadblock, Blitzwing, Runamuck, Bumblebee, Ultra Magnus, Ironhide, Orion Pax, Hot Rod, Ramjet, Starscream, Thrust, Optimus Prime

Notes / goofs:

Thereís a nice nod to Optimus Primes in Chaos Theory where he mentioned experiencing pain when first united with the Matrix. However Ratchet is not here even though he claimed to be present in Chaos Theory.

Orion Pax is reformatted into Optimus Prime in a style very similar to Megatron changing to Galvatron from Transformers: the animated movie.

Going from Paxís description, the matrix may have been contained in an ancient part of the Autobot Citadel. Right under their nosesÖ

Quote / Unquote:

ďSo I will lay down my lifeÖ My identityÖ For My People. Orion Pax is no more. IÖ am Optimus Prime. And I have a world to set free.Ē Ė The birth of an 80ís icon. Behold, Optimus Prime.


Nicely drawn, this issues main plot point is, of course, the matrix converting Orion Pax into the heroic Optimus Prime. Itís a nice nod to the animated movie in the way he is reformatted and his speech is suitable and well written. Primes monologue may not be moving but it does suit his new disposition. Itís not really a must-read scene but itís done well enough.

It does raise a (semi) interesting thought. Orion was modified by Senator Shockwave and his crew so that at some point he could carry the matrix Ė but thatís not how he actually gets it. He finds it in the bowels of the Autobot Citadel and is mystically drawn to it only after he was nearly blown to bits. This being the case, was Shockwaves plan actually to have potential Matrix bearers like Orion and Zeta or was the modification for something else? On a personnel note, I wasn't a big fan of this version of how Orion became Optimus. Pax does the dirty work for Zeta Prime, realises his mistake and sides with an even worse tyrant in Megatron and gets betrayed before nearly destroyed. So yeah, give him the most important of Cybertronain trinkets. At least Rodimus will follow in his path (see ongoing #13)

Thereís not much else to the issue. Megatron gives a victory speech to the extremely docile Iacon population (these bots just bow down to whoevers in power). Thereís a bit of squabbling between Hot Rod and the Autobots but itís not really got a point and I always hate when a character is written in a way that doesnít make sense. In this case, itís Hot Rod claiming that the Autobots are just like the Decepticons, despite the fact that he is taking to a group of Autobots who fought against the forces of Zeta Prime to try and free his people, unlike the Decepticons who immediately filled the power vacuum after Zeta fell. Itís silly, forced and pretty much forgotten by next issue. You could argue itís to justify Starscream leading Hot Rod astray but Hot Rod is never written in a way that makes you think he will ever join the Decepticons.

As part of the overall arc, this is fine. But itís a dull issue and without the historical moment it contains nothing of worth in terms of entertaining purely as a comic. Reading it within the pages of the TPB, itís fine. I just canít rate it as an actual comic on its own merit.

Hell, no-one even called Ironhide an old timer.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5