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Inaction Master
2013-09-08, 03:14 AM
So as of late my significant other has been acclimating really quickly to the franchise.

She'd already known of it via the film series, (as well as some hazy childhood memories of Beast Wars) but first full exposure came when we first started dating and on a whim she wanted to see the original animated movie after showing her the trailer for it off YouTube. She enjoyed it, but beyond that didn't show much interest. Then later when Steam was having some of their summer sales, she saw that Fall of Cybertron was about to be released and that War for Cybertron was discounted, so she bought that up and played through it - she liked it, and then got the sequel. She liked that one as well and started warming up to some of the characters, (particularly Soundwave and Warpath).

Since then her investment with the franchise has been steadily growing and I've done what I can to encourage it. She's started to buy up some Generations figures here and there, she saw the movie again, and watched all of Prime in about a week or so. Now she's going through episodes of G1 and I've successfully turned her onto the current ongoing comics from IDW, (mainly MTMTE). I kind of want to help foster more of this appreciation she's been showing, but I'm not sure where else to take it. I tried offering to show her both Beast Wars and Animated, but she can't really get past the animation quality of the former and the style of the latter. And I don't know if and what of any of the many Japanese series I could turn her onto that she might like.

So I'm just kind of wondering what more can I do or expose her to that she'll enjoy?

2013-09-08, 03:25 AM
If she's into the comics and MTMTE, I'd certainly recommend the old Marvel UK stuff for a similar rich fix of comic book fighty robot stuff.

I get how she feels about Beast Wars and Animated as lots of TF fans can't get past the style and asethetics of both those shows - although I would be tempted to try 'Code Of Hero' from BWS2.

The thing with Transformers is you can just enjoy parts of the thing, without being totally immersed in it. Mainly its about toys, but I like that you can just dip into different things as the fancy takes you.

I'd probably avoid the Japanese cartoons - they're for the hardcore massive only, being as they are, very long, quite dull and only interesting for a few short episodes at a time.

I think she's kind of settled on the things she does like about the franchise (ugh, hate describing TFs like that), so I'd just encourage what she does like.

2013-09-08, 12:29 PM
Whistle-stop tour through Marvel UK (+maybe US G2) then dig into Eugenesis.

Between that and some of the current comics TF is represented as good as it gets.

inflatable dalek
2013-09-08, 07:22 PM
Yeah, if she's enjoying MTMTE the best of the UK comic is bound to be a shoe in for her. If she's really loving Roberts work Eugenesis could probably stand on its own by just reading the "Story so far" PDF that comes with it and covers the broad strokes of both the UK comic and the TMUK fan fics that lead into it. Obviously you get more from being familiar with the world, but the writing's still goon enough in and of itself for it to work.

2013-09-08, 07:52 PM
I think she's kind of settled on the things she does like about the franchise (ugh, hate describing TFs like that),

I dunno... I think it does wonders for longevity when the franchise is large and diverse enough that people can concentrate on smaller things that they like about it.

2014-02-18, 09:03 PM
As someone who didn't take to Beast Wars initially. Was in my early twenties and thought Scorponok was an insult to the Marvel G1 version. But I wasn't collecting back then. I did like Beast Machines, blasphemy I know.

Anyway when I did get back collecting, I wanted to try the BW series again. I happened across a UK release DVD featuring 7 episodes beginning with The Agenda. Also had an extra with a prose story giving the back history and tying Beast wars in with Marvel UK.

I watched the Agenda and 27 yr old me was returned to his 11 yr old self when he first watched the Animated movie. Seeing the Ark and Ravage just blew me away and Megatron was a great villain. I ended up buying season 1 afterwards and went on to Seasons 2,3 and Beast Machines as they came out.

Anyway, if you want to get her into Beast Wars, I would suggest Agenda 1-3 and te follow on episode where they save Prime. It really turned me around.