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Vin Ghostal
2013-09-16, 12:22 PM
Hi all,

The time has finally come to thin the collection. Any reasonable offer of cash OR a trade will be considered. Just post here!

Platinum Edition
Ultra Magnus
Grimlock vs. Decepticon Bruticus Gift Set

Thundercracker (MISB, C10)
Acid Storm (MISB, C10)

Dark of the Moon
Optimus Prime Battle Helmet
Sentinel Prime (Leader)
Roadbuster (Human Alliance)
Leadfoot (Human Alliance)
Sideswipe (Deluxe)
Roadbuster (Deluxe)
Air Raid (Deluxe)
Optimus Prime with trailer (Movie Trilogy)

Revenge of the Fallen
Megatron (Leader)
Mixmaster (Voyager)
Wheelie (Deluxe)
Rampage (Deluxe)
Ravage (Deluxe)
Sideways (Deluxe)
Demolishor (Voyager)

Transformers (2007)
Barricade (Premium Deluxe)
Bumblebee (Evolution of a Hero 2-pack)
Bumblebee (1974 Camaro)
Bumblebee (Concept Camaro)
Bonecrusher (Deluxe)
Arcee (Deluxe)
Brawl (Deluxe)
Dropkick (Deluxe)
Longarm (Deluxe)
Payload (Deluxe)
Scorponok (Deluxe)
Swindle (Deluxe)
Wreckage (Deluxe)
Starscream (Voyager)
Ratchet (Voyager)
Blackout (Voyager)
Megatron (Leader)
Optimus Prime (Leader)
Big Daddy (Deluxe)
Cliffjumper (Deluxe)
Stockade (Deluxe)
Blackout (Premium Voyager)


Ironhide (Scout)
Starscream (Scout)
Optimus Prime/Megatron (Ultimate Gift Set)
Wheeljack (Elite)
Soundwave (Elite)
Blitzwing (Triple Changer)
Bumblebee (Triple Changer)

Transformers Prime
Bumblebee (Deluxe)
Cliffjumper (Deluxe)
Knock Out (Deluxe)
Vehicon (Deluxe)
Wheeljack (Deluxe)
Starscream (Voyager)
Thundertron (Voyager)
Ultra Magnus (Voyager)
Breakdown (Cyberverse Legion)

Fall of Cybertron
Soundwave (Voyager)
Blaster (Voyager)
Springer (Voyager)
Sandstorm (Voyager)
Blitzwing (Voyager)
Optimus Prime (Deluxe)
Shockwave (Deluxe)
Jazz (Deluxe)
Eject and Ramhorn (Basic)
Frenzy and Ratbat (Basic)
Rewind and Sunder (Basic)
Rumble and Ravage (Basic)

Prime: Beast Hunters
Optimus Prime (Ultimate Class)
Predaking (Ultimate Class)
Ultra Magnus (Voyager)
Grimwing (Voyager)
Predaking (Voyager)
Sharkticon Megatron (Voyager)
Shockwave (Voyager)
Abominus (Legion Giftset)
Airachnid (Legion)
Blight (Legion)
Hun-Grrr (Legion)
Rippersnapper (Legion)
Twinstrike (Legion)
Windrazor (Legion)
Hardshell (Commander)
Bulkhead (Deluxe)
Dreadwing (Deluxe)
Lazerback (Deluxe)
Ripclaw (Deluxe)
Skylynx (Deluxe)
Smokescreen (Deluxe)
Soundwave (Deluxe)
Starscream (Deluxe)
Wheeljack (Deluxe)

Prowl (Deluxe)
Lockdown (Deluxe)
Snarl (Deluxe)
Sentinel Prime (Deluxe)
Jazz (Deluxe)
Rodimus Minor (Deluxe)
Swindle (Deluxe)
Ultra Magnus (Leader)
Bulkhead (Leader)
Megatron (Leader)
Bulkhead (Voyager)
Starscream (Voyager)
Blitzwing (Voyager)
Lugnut (Voyager)
Grimlock (Voyager)

Beast Wars
Rattrap (Transmetal)

Beast Machines
Mirage (Basic)
Scavenger (Basic)
Megatron (Mega)
Tankor (Mega)

Robots in Disguise
Megatron (Ultra)
Armorhide (Basic)
Movor (Basic)
Ro-tor (Basic)
Rollbar (Basic)
Grimlock (Deluxe)
Heavy Load (Deluxe)
Hightower (Deluxe)
Mega-Octane (Deluxe)
Prowl (Deluxe)
Side Burn (Deluxe)
Skid-Z vs. Windsheer (Gift Set)
Tow-Line v. Skyfire (Gift Set)
Wedge (Deluxe)
X-Brawn (Deluxe)
Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, Slapper (Mega)
Mindnight Express (Mega)
Optimus Prime (Super)
Ultra Magnus (Super)
Optimus Prime (Basic, Spychanger)
Ultra Magnus (Basic, Spychanger)
Nightcruz, Mirage GT (Mega)

Red Alert (Maxcon)
Starscream (Maxcon)
Cyclonus (Supercon)
Megatron (Gigacon)


Any G1/G2 MISB
TF07 Fracture
ROTF Bludgeon (Voyager)
ROTF Mindwipe (Voyager)
Masterpiece Grimlock
Masterpiece Starscream
Masterpiece Rodimus Prime
Masterpiece Skywarp
Masterpiece Megatron
TF Prime Takara Breakdown
TF Prime Dreadwing (Voyager)
TF Prime Skyquake (Voyager)
Make an offer!

2013-09-16, 04:48 PM
PMed you an offer.

2013-09-16, 06:41 PM
TF07 Fracture

Swap you for Prime Wheeljack?

2013-09-16, 08:09 PM
PMed you. I'll have a look to see if I can find you a Prime Voyager Dreadwing and/or Skyquake. No promises of course, but they've been kicking about Hamilton is small numbers the last couple of weeks.

2013-09-17, 12:49 PM
Found you Prime Voyager Dreadwing.

Vin Ghostal
2013-09-20, 07:40 PM
Swap you for Prime Wheeljack?

Is Fracture MISB?

2013-09-21, 04:52 PM

There's apparently a load of Fractures cheap on eBay at the moment, actually --


2013-11-02, 08:10 PM
Hi man - sent you a few PMs.

Still got Dread wing here.

Also Sky quake has reappeared locally - do you want me to try to pick one up for you?