View Full Version : So, Breaking Bad...

2013-09-26, 10:29 PM
Is it a great thing, or is it the greatest thing?

Psyched about the finale Sunday, whoo! Who's with me?

2013-09-27, 02:14 AM
I only got into the show over the summer (still haven't gotten to seeing all of it yet) but yeah, I'm pretty amped up for finale. So much to be answered, like who else is being sent on a trip to Belize.

2013-09-27, 02:48 AM
I was shocked at how good it is when I first started watching it on Netflix earlier this year. I have to say that the first half of this last season seemed a little weaker than any of the others, but I'm hoping it turns around for the end.

I haven't been watching any of them "live", so I've got to wait for the last 8 episodes to come out on Netflix. Thus, I will be disappearing from this thread rather than screaming at people for spoilers. :)

2013-09-27, 10:14 AM
It's a very well-written series and part of the big 3 of AMC. Mad Men is as good, though the Walking Dead did shoot a lot of crap our way with S3.

Have been holding out on watching the final part of S5. This Sunday you say? Better get on downloading then.

I didn't like S1 that much, but after that, things really took off.

2013-09-29, 07:43 PM

2013-09-30, 06:11 AM
Did anyone else think that was the proper way to wrap up a series? No spoilers from my end for those who haven't seen it. Man that was great, everything was answered, everything was wrapped up! It was... beautiful! :love: Thats how you end a beloved series!

2013-09-30, 06:26 AM
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed that.