View Full Version : GD threads we're likely to see when we're 70.

2013-10-04, 07:38 AM
Hell, we've been here this long... I for one will probably still be here (assuming there is a here, and I can still see/type) when I'm 70.

Don't start with the "RIP [Board member]" posts (I was tempted to start killing you all off right in the first post, anyway ;) )

"Best denture paste?" (stickied)

2013-10-04, 07:40 AM
I expect healthy debates on reverse mortgages and 401K lamentations.

2013-10-04, 11:16 AM
We'll obviously be trading tips on how to get the most out of our bionic limbs.

inflatable dalek
2013-10-04, 03:29 PM
Like my hero, Scotty, I'll be celebrating the birth of my first child around that time so expect lots of threads (or, as it'll be the future, SPACE threads) about us both having our nappies changed at the same time.

EDIT: Presumably for the place to still be going there will have to have been a steady influx of new, younger members over the decades to replace the dead and departed. So there will probably be lots of threads bemoaning that the direct brain download of Transformers 48 isn't true to the great and brilliant vision of the Lord Michael Bay films everyone grew up with, and is it still OK to fancy Megan Fox now her nipples touch her knees?

2013-10-04, 04:06 PM
"Playstation 28 is so much better than the Xbox Elk."

"whr cnn i get a text kyboard that wrks with my arthritic thums?"

"Steve, where's my tapioca pudding?!?"

"Remember when we thought we'd get Social Security? That was funny."