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2013-10-05, 03:23 AM
After nearly 30 years since my childhood TRU experience to wander around shelves of transformers to study and dream of, I had a revival this week.

As online buying for me does not have the thrill, i prefer to biy oldschool in shops and as fhis week is public holidays in china, I searched and found this:
My personal tf heaven

Amoung current tf lines a lot of reissues, binaltech, masterpiece and exclusives as well as third party stuff ( now i came around buying the green giant devestator).

Nice crew in the shop and i spent one hour just looking and taking photos, as the shop is full or display shelves with normal to prototype robots.

Of couse i went alone, wife and child do not approve this kind of action.

So i bought and bought for three days, as i could not carry all at once and still more to go, but that us in another topic.

Post some info on your regular comic shop or toy specialist where you go to.

2013-10-05, 04:51 AM
That's awesome. I miss that childhood feeling of wonder and awe. Sadly, Walmart and Target are my hunting grounds, but I still get excited when I come across a mold I haven't seen yet or when something is on sale.

We have a comic shop in the nearest city, and they do have a lot of G1 stuff both loose and boxed, so it's kind of neat to look at them. The prices, however, are ridiculously high, so I've never actually bought anything there. And about half the staff is really cool and friendly while the other half seem bothered by my very presence when I don't even ask them to do anything.

Auntie Slag
2013-10-05, 08:08 AM
What a brilliant shop! Around me I have a TRU, and some supermarkets. When I'm doing a big food shop I take the trolley through the toys section to have a quick look at what Transformers toys are currently in stock. It reminds me of when I was a kid, although the TF section of any toy aisle these days seems to be a lot less (space wise) than it was in the 80's.

I saw TF Prime or Beast Hunters Ratchet. He looks so cool, again because he looks like Ratchet in the current MTMTE comic!

2013-10-05, 05:39 PM
Comics shops around here will usually have some retail stock marked up or a few import items, but I've never seen third-party releases.

Which is a shame, since those I've picked up (particularly the last couple) have inspired more childlike awe and wonder than any of the Masterpiece releases -- MP are aiming for known designs, whereas things like FP "Weirdwolf" or MMC "Tantrum" are modern takes on characters I'd never really looked twice at before, but the design work really stood out.

2013-10-05, 09:44 PM
Really cool!!! I always hope there will be TF only stores like this in US. Always good for one stop shopping. Sometimes checking through TRU, Target, Walmart, TJMaxx, Marshalls, etc. are insane. And the 3rd party stuffs, too.:up:

Weirdwolf and Monzo
2013-10-17, 04:20 AM
Really awesome looking shop. Wish we had shops like that stateside, thanks for sharing!

The Reverend
2013-10-18, 10:34 PM
That does it. I'm heading for China next year.

2013-10-20, 01:03 PM
I went to that magic shop again today for the third round, took some more pictures of their shelf decoration.

Binaltech, Masterpice and a lot of 3rd PArty stuff with prototypes.

I really enjoy the time there.

2013-10-20, 01:22 PM
Kinda tempted by that Brainstorm homage.

Auntie Slag
2013-10-20, 01:22 PM
Anyone notice in Addl's most recent photo's that Generations Jazz and Binaltech Sideswipe have their shoulder mounted missile launchers? Is that a new addition or a separate send-away deal for such components?

2013-10-20, 03:25 PM
I never noticed! But I would believe it is a separate buy from third party, as just today the seller asked me, if I want to preorder the shoulder cannon for Masterpiece Prowl I bought today, which he would receive in mid november.

Mee too, but also Weirdwolf and Quakewave (Shockwave). All look very good and of what I read they are also very sturdy.

So far I only bought the "Green Giant" Devestator of thrid party, but all are growing on me, the more I go there.
Just hope the Menasor will be complete (Motormaster missing) before my move back to Germany. Maybe the all-grey Computron Prototype aswell?

Here the next generation helped me unpack: