View Full Version : Challenge of the Go-Bots

2013-10-07, 03:51 AM
So, I finally started watching this show - and I'm actually liking it so far.

I mean, it's very much what I like to call "light entertainment" in the sense that it doesn't exactly stimulate brain activity, but so far it has managed to give me that rare sensation where I actually feel like I'm suddenly a kid again, watching TV in the saturday morning and giving me that spark of imagination taking off anew, even if that sensation only lasts for a few seconds - but it's still good enough for me.

It's also fun to suddenly remember I'm watching a Hanna-Barbera cartoon because it still carries some typical HB story elements (like "Dawn World" with the monsters and alien primitives) - it's only the Go-Bots themselves that really keep me from thinking of it as an all-out HB show.