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Lady Quickswitch
2013-10-12, 02:57 AM
A web designer?

I have various domain names pointed at a Linux server... but no web content. Every web designer I've found refers to such "strange" things as Wordpress, Coppermine, etc. I just want a few nicely designed media-capable web sites with a forum or two.

Does anyone know where I'd start looking? I'm so confused...

2013-10-12, 12:19 PM
Assuming that by content you mean frameworks for content to go into.

The forum requirement's likely to be a sticking point, although getting other specific content management software to integrate isn't necessarily easy either -- whereas blogs are basic enough for big providers to make freely available to individuals in return for putting a few ads on the content.

Nobody's particularly eager to do the same -- or been particularly successful doing so -- for forums (although ezBoard and other players are still around) because there's a complexity cut-off past which it's not worth anyone's while to do it at low cost.

Options are either to get as much as possible from one provider (Google are big enough to not disappear overnight) and bolt-on the extras, sacrificing integration, or learn the software/tech and how to secure it. Wordpress is a very popular target for automated hacks because of the huge number of unpatched installs out there, and most of the malicious links spread in scam emails tend to point to compromised content management system installs.

You should also be considering ownership and access issues -- it's generally very difficult to get content out of a third-party-provided forum, should you ever want to move.

Dealing with a web designer is all about the details that sit behind "just" having a site with X, Y and Z features, and has to be an ongoing relationship because of the attendant security issues of X, Y and Z -- and either that person has to care a lot about you or the subject of the sites or you've got to be offering a good hourly rate for someone that's not going to hit-and-run (ignoring the ongoing maintenance) or disappear because they're a one-person shop.