View Full Version : Bloody weather...

Auntie Slag
2013-10-28, 08:03 AM
Anyone else put out by the worst storm since 1987/2007 take your pick? I've had my train cancelled, and there's been reports here of up to 20 leaves congregating in public.

Police are standing by.

2013-10-28, 09:03 AM
This is only news because it affects the south of England, because as we all know, up North thar be beasties unworthy of consideration..!

We had ridiculous floods that submerged great parts of York, Tadcaster, Hull and the Calder Valley last year.

Its just pissing it down here, so i am expecting an awesome day at work dealing with sewage escapes. Hooray.

2013-10-28, 09:26 AM
Everybody yesterday hyped the "great storm", but so far it's pretty tame up North.

As my landlady said, they're only making a big deal because it's happening down in London.

From what I saw, last year something like 10% of York was flooded by the river, nobody gave a damn :lol:

Auntie Slag
2013-10-28, 09:28 AM
Tadcaster? You made that up!

Anyone whose seen Game of Thrones will know anywhere north of Mile End on the tube is EXACTLY like the wild north; full of swarthy people existing in scattered, warring tribes, eating their own young for enjoyment.

I bet you're called Skyquake87 Stark in real life :)

2013-10-28, 10:15 AM
I don't know about eating their young....having them young on the other hand...

I am Skyquake of house ResCat*

*rescue Cat (i has jammed two words together! i could do Transformer names!)

StoneCold Skywarp
2013-10-28, 12:58 PM
being further north than most all of you (15 miles from the scottish border) I can say with all honesty that it's SUNNY here.

2013-10-28, 03:27 PM
Sunny around York for hours now... :lol:

2013-10-28, 06:58 PM
Nothing much happening in the Midlands. Rarely is.

inflatable dalek
2013-10-28, 07:21 PM
Kidderminster looks like a bomb's hit it.

So no noticeable impact at all.