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2013-11-08, 08:20 PM
Right, so because [SCIENCE] after Galvatron is torn apart in Time Wars this changes the future and he's back alive in the post-Movie stories having never time-jumped. Fairy nuff. He kills the resistance unit on Cybertron which - considering it's led by Blurr - probably consisted of Wheelie, Swerve and Daniel. No problem.

So then Rodimus gets a ****ing huge spaceship, carrying every Autobot you'd care to mention with only enough space for a massive stash of Energon as a gift for Earth and... runs off. Wait, what? How much time did Galvatron give him to leave Cybertron? Was there not some middle ground between giving in to the Dark Side (original idea, Mr. Furman!) and running away like a little bitch? Did Galvatron crush the resistance but leave the massive spaceship and huge cache of resources? Were Getaway, Longtooth, Siren etc. all just kicking around on Decepticon-occupied Cybertron not resisting until Rodimus popped back?

I hate Aspects of Evil so much. Anyone think of a worse TF comic story off the top of their head?

2013-11-08, 08:42 PM
Oh, no. You're not going to trick me into trying to make sense out of this! Next thing you know you'll be trying to make us have a serious conversation about how Earthforce fits into the timeline!

I could always shrug it off by saying that the UK future strips lead into Rhythms of Darkness, so Rodimus had time to gather his troops and flee on a starship because Galvatron was doing the same thing, since Unicron was in the process of eating Cybertron and killing everyone. That has the positive side-effect of saying that Galvatron kills all of the inept Autobots in this story pretty much right afterwards, which they more or less all deserved after this fiasco.

I hate Aspects of Evil so much. Anyone think of a worse TF comic story off the top of their head?
The IDW Beast Wars comics give it a run for it's money...

Death's Head
2013-11-10, 02:01 AM
Aspects of Evil did inspire Telefunken by James Roberts, so it can be forgiven in that regard :)

I preferred the TMUK approach to the aftermath of Time Wars, actually; after the rift, Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge are deposited back in the future but in the same timeline; all the previous UK stories still stand. Meanwhile, the excursion depicted in Aspects of Evil is in fact to a parallel timeline which did, in fact, lead in to Rhythms of Darkness. (The other parts of Aspects of Evil are considered part of the 'main' continuity.)

It also gave us Andy Dornan's "Parallel Lives" which was an epic story set entirely in this so-called "Dark Universe" and also gave us an extra Shockwave to play with, the original of course still meeting his demise at the hands of Death's Head.

inflatable dalek
2013-11-10, 04:22 AM
I think the future itself works fine and always have, people always seem to miss that bit of narration from Rodimus explaining it. Time Wars changed the future, what they've arrived at is the new one that follows on from the new "Present" of the series (in other words, though obviously it wouldn't have been that specific it's post End of the Road and Galvatron is presumably the one who got put on ice).

Simple, and I've never understood all the slightly elaborate theories put about that ignore the fairly simple thing that is actually said in the comic. Though I think some people may get confused by the fact Rodimus still remembers and can tell stories from the original history he lived through- such as having defeated Unicron twice when for everyone else it was a completely different once- even though they're not any longer part of the new timeline.

Maybe Star Trek 2009 (and I do love how Target:2006 uses as a throwaway detail in the tricking of Galvatron the same branching histories idea that the reboot/remake/sequel Trek film stops for about five minutes to explain to the audience. Furman was well ahead of the curve there) style there's even a bit of fans preferring the original history and wanting to contrive ways it carries on? That's the only way I can make sense of the idea I've seen a fair bit over the years that the framing device of Aspects is set back in the post-Legacy history when there's nothing whatsoever to say as such. One of my first real surprises when I joined fandom was that people sweated blood over it.

As for the plot of the super shuttle... Galvatron has the resources of an entire (and again, not intended at the time but post End of the Road shiny and new) planet behind him, a couple of hundred Autobots and a no doubt comparatively small amount of Energon likely wouldn't make that much difference. I do think though there would have been an interesting story in showing how they escaped from the planet but the basic idea itself isn't all that unlikely.

EDIT: Though assuming the remaining Autobots were already planning to flee and had gotten the ship ready before Rodimus returned would deal with a lot of the problems there.

Presumably the actual fiction does it much better, but I found the description in the "Story so far" PDF that came with the Eugenesis ebook of how things got from G2 to the Movie and all the Marvel UK stuff still happening in one history far more contrived and unlikely that the straightforward "History changed" idea.

But hey, that still makes more sense than Two Megatrons.