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2013-11-18, 10:42 AM
Since I will be going zo Tokyo in december and I googled this tf toy shopping guide


Has anyone a specific recommendation here on the archive?

Anything specific "japan exclusive" worth looking into? Of course i know of the eHobby items.

I even do not know how much cheaper the e.g. MP items are in a japanese toy store compared to china.

2013-11-18, 04:08 PM
I even do not know how much cheaper the e.g. MP items are in a japanese toy store compared to china.
I don't think many people do, actually. There's always some debate over what Japanese prices are and how badly we get gouged buying overseas. I'd be curious to hear what prices you find. The Japan-based online stores that ship to the West charge around $45-$50 US for an MP car (before shipping) but I don't think anyone knows how much they're marking the stuff up for export. At least, I don't.

What do they go for in China?

2013-11-18, 07:16 PM
well my friend told me SH Figureart Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury is less then 200 bucks (my local currency, not usd), when i brought both of them locally, they cost me 290 bucks.


and all that, only cost me around 125 USD.

buying anime stuff in japan is cheaper probably because they are consider as local stuff and doesnt have import tax and international shipping to jack up the price.

but that said, i'm not 100% sure its the same for transformer.

2013-11-19, 01:20 AM
What do they go for in China?

Hard to say, as i only found one tf toy store in shanghai and i suspect the guys ( althoigh they are nice peeps) ti follow bbts prices.

So they charge roughly 280-350 rmb (35-45 eur) for the small mp vehicles, 950 rmb (120 eur) for a mp convoy or black mp10 as well as soundwave or megatron, 2000 rmb (250 eur ) for mp1, and 4000 rmb (500 eur) for the mp4.