View Full Version : Is Beast Hunters Ratchet REALLY that ugly?

2013-12-17, 05:41 PM
A Walmart I stopped at had some bonus value Beast Hunter deluxes strapped together, 9.96 for two. I picked up one of each of the two sets they had left, just because at that price I can't say no. I hadn't really liked the look of Beast Hunters Ratchet any time I looked at him in the store, but I hadn't even looked that closely.

At home, I looked at the packaging for longer, and I'm wondering if it's possible that the toy is actually as ugly looking as the pictures make it out to be. Because it looks like an ambulance transformer where someone popped off the fender pieces and put on something from another transformer that's not even close to same color, and doesn't even seem to fit the vehicle well. The headsculpt looks terrible, and the whole toy just seems like a mess.

I haven't opened him yet, and I'm thinking he won't be staying here, but I just want confirmation that he's actually as terrible looking as I think he is.

Rack 'n Ruin
2013-12-17, 09:15 PM
Yes. :)

2013-12-17, 09:18 PM
he looks like he's wearing a barrel to me.

2013-12-17, 10:31 PM
Criminy! I just found the Seibertron Super-complete photo gallery, and it's even worse than I thought! The backside of the truck is just a slab of unpainted beige plastic. It looks like a kitbash in progress.

Anyone want to buy a Beast Hunters Ratchet? He's really awesome!

2013-12-19, 12:01 AM
He's the new ROTF Mudflap.

2013-12-19, 04:40 AM
Mudflap at least had a consistent color scheme and transformed into a cohesive vehicle. This Ratchet has some parts white and some off-white. You don't have to be Tim Gunn to know that doesn't work.

And the parts don't even line up right from what I can see on the pictures. The beige lumps just stop at the edge of the beige panel, and a non-lumped white panel begins.

And the face looks like a molding error, like when you don't spray the cupcake pan properly and parts of it stick.

2013-12-19, 03:00 PM
Somebody tried to convince themselves that he is the Prime version of the Dinobot and then that makes them to keep that toy. ;)

2013-12-21, 10:50 AM
Yeah, Beast Hunters Ratchet is a total mess. Nevermind the completely random and ridiculous forcing of Dinobot references to Ratchet -- who has nothing in common with Dinobot at all. Not to mention his random mismatched orange-white deco, his random blue weapon, and the end result is really something that really must have been made by a drunk intern and would amuse people who go 'OMG DINOBOT HOMAGE'.

It's even worse than Crocodile Knock Out and Sharkticon Megatron, who, at least, have a rather unified paint scheme, if extremely loud -- and I'd argue it's part of their 80's homage charm. Beast Hunters Ratchet is just flat-out ugly.