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inflatable dalek
2013-12-25, 09:38 AM
I'm not sure what sort of sad, loner, loser child comes on here on Christmas day of all times, but a very happy season of good will to all of you!

I got Big Trouble in Little China in a Blu Ray steel book, bringing my collection of John Carpenter films that are worth owning on HD to very near completion (only Assault on Precinct 13 to go. Annoyingly like Prince of Darkness and They Live it looks like it'll have to be a foreign edition. Why does Europe get nicer stuff than the UK?) and the Donald Sutherland Invasion of the Bodysnatchers in a Blu Ray steel book.

I love me a Blu Ray steel book.

Here's a random video of Karl Kennedy offa Neighbours singing a Christmas song, especially designed to make you feel old as it apparently has lots of neighbours people in it but I only recongised Karl and Paul Robinson (who seems to have turned into Billy Bob Thorton, back in the old days I'd definitely have been able to name just about everyone despite never really watching it that closely. How time marches on:


2013-12-25, 12:14 PM
I'm sad enough to be on here! I've been up since five this morning, and couldn't get to sleep till about two prior to that. I love me some Christmas!
Got a LSotW hardback, which is lovely, and various bits of game of thrones, Comicbook and Nintendo merch.

2013-12-25, 01:54 PM
I'm not sure what sort of sad, loner, loser child comes on here on Christmas day of all times, but a very happy season of good will to all of you!
THIS GUY! That's who!

I love me a Blu Ray steel book.

I'm right with ya there! Have a total of 9 right now... steelbooks are just awesome!

My Christmas stuff isn't done yet so I'll pop back in afterwards. So far a RED Pokemon X+Y 3DSXL! :D Man this thing is beautiful in person!!!

2013-12-25, 04:41 PM
Merry Christmas y'all :)

2013-12-25, 09:49 PM
Here's my contribution: a video which you may or may not have seen. Merry Christmas!

2013-12-26, 01:04 AM
I was here everday ( 24th is christmas in germany) , yesterday christmas for you anglo-saxons and today, as i have been to work all week. Business as usual in china.

Also, since my wife and i do not care for christmas the past 15 years, we did nothing speciak and no gifts.

Happy holidays to all.

2013-12-26, 06:58 AM
er...Happy Boxing Day!

electro girl
2013-12-27, 01:55 AM
er...Happy Boxing Day!

Turkey curry! Yeah boi!

I can take or leave the traditional Christmas dinner but I always look forward to my Mother's turkey, sprout and parsnip jalfrezi on boxing day.

2013-12-27, 06:52 AM
Boxing Day has turned into a ridiculous display of consumerism here, like Black Friday in the US, so my wife and I wisely stayed home all day.

Our Christmas was awesome and I hope you all had a good one too! After hosting at our house for the first time I can definitely say that my wife makes a great turkey!

inflatable dalek
2013-12-27, 12:24 PM
but I always look forward to my Mother's turkey.

Too much information dude.

2013-12-27, 04:42 PM
I spent my boxing day taking my little sister to see Frozen. Such a chore...
And much to my shame, on the way home I bought some stuff in sales.

2013-12-28, 04:58 AM
I sent Hound to Wallyworld on the 26th to get me a 40 inch TV! :p

Baby's first Christmas. She really liked playing with/attempting to eat all the wrapping paper we gave her!

Hound got me a limited edition Legend of Zelda gold-coloured 3DS with A Link Between Worlds, season 1 and 3 of The Walking Dead (I owned 2) and Skyrim, Legendary Edition. I feel pretty spoiled. :p Also got some cookies, a ton of scratchcards (that I have yet to scratch), a juicer, and Minecraft figures!