View Full Version : Did you get anything Transformers based for Christmas?

2013-12-25, 07:39 PM
I got The Covent of Primus, with case:)

It's so big Amazon.com had to wrap it in a bag...

The Reverend
2013-12-25, 08:59 PM
I got Xovergen Trailerforce and an Optimus Prime shirt based on Vitruvian Man...

electro girl
2013-12-25, 09:29 PM
I got Springer! He is lovely.

2013-12-26, 12:08 AM
My wife, being the kind soul she is, got me Generations Dreadwing and Waspinator, as well as a pair of the older KREO sets she dug up from somewhere that I missed when they went on deep clearance.

Not superduper amazing, but she obviously put thought into it. She knows I have a thing for ugly color schemes and that I was happy the Beast Wars is getting represented in Generations.

Although, to be honest Dreadwing isn't THAT ugly. He's a lovely dark purple that doesn't clash that much with the teal. The G2 Decepticon symbols are a nice touch though.

2013-12-26, 03:57 AM
A light year for TF stuff for me this year, but it usually is -- mainly because the "Christmas" waves of stuff that show up in the US for the holiday season don't make it here until February or March most years, if we're lucky. My wonderful wife did pick up MTMTE volume 5 for me though, so it wasn't a complete strikeout.

2013-12-26, 12:01 PM


2013-12-26, 06:16 PM
Generations Skids! He's a fantastic looking figure, but I don't care for the shoulders. There's so much clutter up there it's like his upper arms are always pinned to his body. Vehicle mode is pretty sweet too.

2013-12-27, 08:27 AM
No. But then I never ask for TFs for Christmas/ Birthdays as a buy them pretty much all the time.

2013-12-27, 02:10 PM
Nope, and frankly I didn't get much of note this Christmas. There was the usual influx of gifts with extremely minimal effort like socks or photo frames, but otherwise I didn't get anything of note for Christmas.