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2013-12-30, 12:38 PM
You guys and gals have known me for awhile now and you can probably tell my my Avatar I like the Alien franchise. I haven't really shared this publicly here but here it goes.

I am part of a Petition to get SEGA to authorize more content and patches for Aliens: Colonial Marines, specifically BugHunt maps. Why does it matter you ask? You say A:CM was the worst game of the year who would want more are we crazy? Well BugHunt was released over a month after the main game came out, it is a Horde type gamemode where you survive 30 waves of Xenomorphs on 3 maps, one of which is an exact replication of the colony from the film ALIENS. BugHunt is the most fun I've had in any CO-OP mode this year, it's just so much fun and we don't want to see it die.

BugHunt was developed by Demiurge studios from a team of less than 10 people. They are very passionate about Aliens and are completely on board for more. Not only do we have their support but Gearbox president Randy Pitchford himself supports our movement and THEY even want to make more. We've even got support from numerous actors from the film! The only thing holding us back is SEGA, they don't want to budge and they don't care.

We it's time we make them care, make their lives a living hell but we need all the help we can get that's where this post comes in we HAVE to widen or web outside of the Gearbox forums and reach out to people who may have no idea about any of this. The hardcore fanbase left due to lack of support and only a few of us are left, so it's time to change that. We can't have come this far and just let SEGA get in the way of this when every other single party involved REALLY wants this to happen.

Here are my videos that I made for the petition in case you have no idea what it's about.





Here is a PC walkthrough of the Tribute map made by Shev, a member of the Gearbox forums. This shows the love and detail Demiurge put into the game and how well Gearbox updated the game after launch.

And WedgeGTX's video of a stylized trailer for BugHunt.

Here are links to the petition and Gearbox's forums.

Petition link

Gearbox Forums (AKA HQ)

Please if you've taken the time to read this sign or at least share it with the world. Like I said we have two sets of Developers backing us plus Actor support from the movie, the only thing holding us back IS SEGA. I know this is pretty preachy and out of place here... but even IF we gain one more supporter out of this it'll well worth it.

Thanks for reading if you made it to the end! :D