View Full Version : How much is this worth??? aerialbot air warrior superion.with box

2014-01-04, 11:16 PM
Hi, I am new to Transformer toys and wanted to get opinions on what this perticular toy set was worth. I picked it up this morning at the local thrift stores half off sale
It seems pretty complete, and the figures are in very good condition. As I was taking the bus home a guy saw what i had and offered me $60 for it. I said i would think about it and call him...
Cant seem to get pics to upload...i will try again

Any replies would be much appreciated. Thanks! Pictures posted...

2014-01-05, 01:09 AM
I think I speak for everyone here when more info is better.

Superion is the name of all the Aerialbots when they combine, and they were sold as a gift set back in the 1980s.

There was also a set sold back in the 2000s. Honestly a picture would help people ID the bots, get a price point, since with parts missing price always goes down.:(

Rack 'n Ruin
2014-01-05, 08:38 AM
Also, nice user name. If true, the value of the toys is likely to have dipped a little. ;)

2014-01-05, 12:17 PM
Sure it's original? Combiners have been heavily bootlegged over the years, some of the KOs better quality than others. Out of packaging it'd be harder to tell.