View Full Version : Spywares, pop up ads and that kind of shit

2014-02-03, 12:25 AM
I require aid!

My phone's browser randomly opens this 'linkbucks' page totally at random. I could be opening twitter or tfarchive or whatever and it will show up randomly. It's not that often, but I know for a certain fact that twitter and the archive at least will not install such an obnoxious fake-looking ad.

So my first thought is spyware... and it seems that google agrees on that. Although they don't agree on just how to remove it.

so, uh, since you guys have proven to collectively solve technical problems and I'm blind about these sort of things, I turn to you people for help.

2014-02-03, 08:10 PM
Old, but sounds similar... http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9223777/Massive_Android_malware_op_may_have_infected_5_million_users

Nuke it from orbit. Factory reset the OS.


That article also goes into how to clear all files as well, prior to sale. Even if just doing the factory reset it'd be a good precaution to plug the device into a desktop machine and backup anything important first.

I've reset tablets a few times, but generally from the POV of not wanting to keep anything.

2014-02-04, 01:42 PM
Will try to do them tonight, thanks! :)

To be fair, it hasn't linked to the spam-site for a day or two, but I'll nuke it to be safe.