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2014-02-20, 03:23 PM
I made kreons of Sunstreaker, Hound, Brawn and Gears. With the cassette kreons I showed here (http://tfarchive.com/community/showthread.php?t=51967), I was able to do this:

Here's a closeup of the four autobots (plus Somkescreen), though you can actually see the grey bits behind Sunstreaker's head better in the catalog pic.

Some non-humanoid kreons (with a close-up of Prime's trailer and Roller)
L to R: Sky-Lynx, Trypticon (2 angles), TRUKK IZZ MUNKY!!!!!

Dinobots (inspired by these (http://www.allspark.com/forums/topic/92188-kreon-mix-and-match/page-2))
L to R: Slag, Sludge, Grimlock, Swoop, Snarl. Sludge and Grimlock both have bricks on their backs to represent their folded away dino heads. Slag has a horn in his beast nose.

A few other Autobots:
L to R: Pyro, Minerva, Crosscut, Road Rage, 1 Junkion riding another

Some decepticons:
L to R: Shrapnel, Spectro, Viewfinder, Spyglass, Blitzwing

Shattered Glass Star Saber (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Star_Saber_(Kre-O)) and SquawkBox

L to R: 4 microchanger insecticons (using Kickback and Airachnid's insect legs to make claws), G1 Abominus (w/dragon wings), Autobot leftovers (Nosecone, Groove, Slingshot, and Jazz from my Masquerade combo)

I also made a combiner out of 4 original micro-changers, each using one Kre-o missle launcher. I wanted to make them correspond to actual heavily armed characters, like Targetmasters or Triggercons, but didn't have the right colors. The one with the Soundwave helmet is loosely based on Crankcase. The tank would have been Quake.

Bot modes:

Alt modes:

Combined mode: I prefer the build seen in the last pic, but that one came out blurry, so I'm including some clearer pics of my first attempt so you can see the wrist mounted guns. The backpacks with the weapons just sort of rest on the wrist studs, rather than securely attaching.

These are some others I made out of spare parts. On the left is a blinged out Vehicon, on the right is a heavily armed Sentinel Prime. Do the two in the middle look like anybody?

Finally, I built a G1 inspired Bumblebee out of the movie-inspired Kre-o Bumblebee set. I used some of the leftover parts to make a little sidekick for him. The remaining parts made up Snarl's tail and that weird little bench.

2014-02-20, 03:51 PM
Ooo I do want that Shrapnel!

2014-03-01, 04:33 PM
I made a ROTF Devestator out of some kreon combiner torsos, legs, and combiner limbs. There are no kreon wheels, treads or heads, so I couldn't reassemble him into individual constructicons, but I doubt I'll be taking him apart anytime soon.
There's still a few pieces I didn't have in the right color, but they're all in the back.

Blackjack - Here's a photo of Shrapnel from the back, so you can see how I mounted the antennae. You can also see the backs of the dontbots I mentioned earlier.
The grey forks come with any Custom Kreon set to store the extra arms on the rack. The black rods are a single LEGO rod cut in half. The antennae are kreo Megatron's fingers. The kreon body is Divebomb's torso, Sentinel Prime's human's legs, and Skywarp's arms and waist.

2014-03-02, 09:26 PM
I like the Devastator, and the Dinobot ensemble is adorable!

2014-03-12, 11:13 PM
Thanks, Clay. Dev was inspired by me running out of flak vests and capes to make regular kreons, but having lots of spare combiner limbs. That also inspired me to make Fortress Maximus.
"This is worse than G1!"

That's more like it. Fort Max's head transforms into a little Cerebros, and both figures transform into battle mode.

Black Zarak doesn't have a city mode, but Fort Max does. Hopefully, you can see the little room in his leg that the ramp leads up to, and the red jail cell underneath the helipad. I only had one hinge piece to make an arm-ramp, so the other one is a runway.

I played with the contrast and brightness of thsi one so you could see more detail on Black Zarak.

2014-04-09, 01:55 AM
I almost bartered away a spare Bumblebee, but am glad I didn't. I used him to make a Binaltech inspired yellow Tracks. The rest of the back row is Toxitron, ROTF Rampage and Storm Jet. In the middle row are 3 kreons I built when I realized that I like how white limbs and helmets look on black and purple torsos, and a unicycle bot I built when I realized I was running low on waists.
In the front is Storm Jet's alt mode and Rack. Ruin is still a work in progress. I have a matching pair of legs on my Hound, so I'll probably use those once I get the Custom Kreon Hound. I want to use another Bulkhead for the torso so they match, but he's hard to find. I may end up using a couple human military kreons, but don't have any pairs.

The torsos will fit if I snip off the inner shoulder joints. I just don't want to do that until I'm sure of the final design. I'm also undecided on the helmets. The Megatron helmets I'm using are smooth, like the character design, and somewhat obscure the mouths. Sharkticon helmets have a closer shape, but are more heavily detailed.

2014-06-16, 11:39 PM
I found a small Battleship set with some military humans so I could finally fiish Rack'n'Ruin. I made a few others as well.
Top row (L-R): G1 toy Ironhide and Ratchet, Chase, Jetfire. There's also a pic of Jetfire from the back. I like how the rocket pack came out.
Bottom row: Cannonball inspired MOC, Rack'n'Ruin, Octane, Astrotrain, Astrotrain w/alternate wing.

A hip joint was too tight, and snapped off in the leg. I glued a Chima weapon handle in its place to make a pirate peg-leg. The closest thing I had to those weird skeletons painted on Cannonball was a human kreon helmet with red flames painted on it.

2014-07-28, 01:43 AM
These aren't kreons, but I didn't think they warranted another thread.

The Kre-o Sideswipe head is red, so I made a G2 version of him.
The elbows are red in this pic since I forgot I had white socket bricks at first, and forgot to retake the back view picks at second.
I know the wheels should be mounted on the torso side of the shoulders, not the arm side. But, mounting the wheels on the arm side did a good job of blocking the view of the ball joints while not hindering mobility. Plus, it left the torso side free to mount some of these:
He's got G1 and G2 accessories. The missle's the wrong color, but it does fire.

I wanted a two-headed Shockwave like in AoE, but Hasbro isn't making one, I don't have enough purple bricks, and Shockwave kreons only come with expensive sets. Fortunately, Construct-Bots are dirt cheap now.
For each head, there's a small clip reaching back from the torso, then a long clip reaching up from that to the ball jointed neck piece.
He has a car mode, but there's some partsforming since both heads won't fit in the chest cavity. Both heads and one neck come off; the other neck folds away without detaching. The extra neck stores under the car. The heads attach to the front, with the eyes posing as headlights.

The wheels came from Dead End, who I modified into a jet with the extra parts from the Optimus/Megatron 2-pack. Unlike the original jet kits, the wings attach to the torso like with the Seekers. The only partsforming is the swords. I thought about using Starscream's head and Soundwave's yellow skeleton to make him into Sunstorm, but I like the way he looks now.

This is a WIP:
The good news is that I think I've got the seat/waist design worked out so that one of these could ride another. The bad news is that I ran out of parts before I could finish this one. I'm out of ball joint bricks, and don't even have another wheel like this one. I have a decent idea of what I need, so next time I'm at a toy store, I'll see if I can get what I'm missing.

2014-07-28, 04:13 AM




These are really cool. :up:


2014-08-04, 11:12 PM
Thanks, Blackjack. I'm glad most of the ones you singled out have non-humanoid designs (two heads, no legs, gorilla proportions). Those tend to be more fun to make than finding the right colors to swap out on normal figures.

Work has progressed on the WIP I posted last time. I've got two almost complete junkions that transform and can ride each other. I still need more wheels, though. I found an old motorcycle kit in with my spare parts, but the wheels were actually too big. I'm using one of them temporarily, but it doesn't turn because it rubs against Junkheap's head.
I also need another hip joint. I've got three, but each figure needs two, which is why Wreck-Gar's right leg isn't attached. You can see the axles on Wreck-Gar's right leg and left arm that show where the wheels would go if I owned them.
I have an actual Kreon this time. I finally got some spare drill tips for Twin Twist. I was surprosed how much of a difference it makes. The cones I had before just looked like gun barrels.

Does anyone know of any reasonably priced kits that have wheels like Junkheap's rear, or a ball joint like the one next to Twin Twist's alt mode? I went to Target, Wal-mart and TRU this weekend, but didn't have much luck. I didn't see any ball joints like this one, though it would be hard to tell. I saw a motorcycle with the right wheels, but it was $45, only had 250 or so pieces. I'd need two, and still wouldn't be able to finish without the ball joint, so I didn't get them.

When I first was fiddling around with this, the shoulder joint was stiff enough to support the arm even with the wheel attached. Then, I swapped some parts around to get the colors right, and the shoulder is now loose. Any ideas on how to fix this? I think I've read of people using clear nail polish. I tried swapping pieces around some more, looking for a tighter combination, but broke one of my socket pieces, so I'd rather not go back to that.

2014-08-14, 01:30 AM
I took a crack at a Lego/Kre-o Lockdown.
He doesn't have an alt mode or vehicle build. But, he does have a fold out hook and face mask.
He also does this:
It's hard to see the barrel since there's so much black.
After uploading the pictures, I noticed I'd put his left headlight in incorrectly. I've since fixed that, and he's symettrical now.

Here's a couple photos of Piranacon with Seawing as his arm an Nautilator as his gun. There's no parts left over. Holding a kreon sized weapon with small feet made him fall over, so I put one of the kreons guns in Piranacon's foot so he could stand. Next to him, I've added an ammo belt to G2 Sideswipe.

2014-08-14, 03:32 PM
They all look great. I liked the idea of Kre-o but I felt like a sucker buying those sets.

2014-09-19, 05:08 AM
Thanks, Tripredacus. I felt like a sucker the one time I paid retail for a Kre-O set. They were more expensive per brick than LEGO sometimes. Then, they started showing up at TJ Maxx. I think I got 3 Optimus Prime sets for less than the original retail price of 1.

The same thing happened with Construct-bots. I bought 1 on sale, but it still seemed pricey. Then they started going for $5 each and I got a bunch and started mucking about with them.

G1 Megatron and Ratbat, neither of which transform. Soundwave is the original design.

The next six transform with no partsforming, except for weapons and faction sigils.

Rodimus and Brainstorm (no Firebolt or Arcana, though)

Sunstorm and Armada Startscream (partway through his repaint)

Swoop and a character inspired by AoE Lockdown, and the fact that I had an extra, headless body because I made that two-headed Shockwave.

I saw a movie Bee using feet as the chest and made one of my own. Since he doesn't transform, I was able to have the maskless triple-changer head flip up from the back and the masked elite head flip into the front, so you can swap the heads to emulate the mask coming on and off. He's a bit of a WIP since I think he'd work better if I cut the part of the shoulder crosspiece that the legs normally connect to and used the middle clip, but I'm wary of permanently altering pieces. Next to Bee are a couple bots I made with leftover pieces.
Here's maskless Bee with some kreons. I gave AoE Crosshairs coattails and mounted his guns to his sides for cross drawing. I made a G1 Seaspray since I don't like the look of the upcoming Microchanger. The Dinobots are mostly unchanged; I made Slag's horns red and gave Snarl a real torso instead of a vest.

2014-12-06, 05:37 PM
So I made these...http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n28/IsaacHill/july2014/terrorbots2.jpg

which transform into these...http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n28/IsaacHill/july2014/terrorbeasts3.jpg

but then this happenshttp://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n28/IsaacHill/july2014/terrorcombo2.jpg

The legs don't even attach. Hungrr's beast heads just rest in Cutthroat and Rippersnapper's torsos. From looking at my Terrorcons, and pics of other combiner-looking Construct-Bots, I figured out three problems. First, they all use partsforming. So far, the only partsforming in mine is weapons, and removing Blot's symbol to attach him.

Second, Hungrr is the smallest of the 5. They're all based on the standard Constructbot skeleton, but Hungrr has the least amount of mass added to that. So, the best I could hope for would be the proportions of Beast Hunters Abominus.

Third, the other combiners have the limb bots in vehicle mode, with the robot back armor folded around to meet the chest armor. This gives the combined mode long limbs instead of blocky chunks. None of my terrorcons can do that. Either they don't have back armor (Cutthroat, Hungrr), the back armor doesn't match the front (Blot), or the back armor isn't mounted to flip around the standard way (Sinnertwin, Rippersnapper).

I don't think I could solve either of these problems without major redesigns, and I don't want to do that because I really like the individual modes, and I am lazy. Instead, I made some bots that look like combiners by making their limbs out of torsos, or just mismatching them.

I made another gunface bot. Maybe Shattered Glass Lockdown would have Impactor's colors? Next to him is an MOC in vehicle mode.

Here's the most and least imposing Megatrons I've made, with the MOC in robot mode.

Making my Terrorcons used up a lot of feet, so I made the pegasuses (pegasi?) with alternate leg designs. The green wheels on the Bee headed one touch the ground, so he does roll around. Sometimes the wheels rub the ones above them, which then roll in the opposite direction.

Finally, here's some little drone things I made out of leftover parts. My favorite is the white bird type one, since it's the only use I've ever found for those weird spoiler pieces. I've only got 17 pieces left (22 if you count wheels and tires as seperate pieces), so I think I'm done for a while.

2015-02-03, 12:05 AM
When I got Kre-O Beast Hunters Optimus Prime last year, I was pleased to find that he came with extra hands, and that all the hands were different. There was a right gripping hand, right open palm, left fist, and left pointing hand. I'd've been satisfied with one pair of hands. I put the others to good use in Lockdown.

This Christmas, I got Kre-O Beast Hunters Bumblebee. Not only did he also come with extra hands, but they were all different from Optimus' hands: right thumbs up, right fist, left gripping hand, and left open palm.

If you put Optimus and Bumblebee's hands together, there are three matched pairs: fists, palms, and gripping. The leftovers are the thumbs up and pointing hand. I gave Optimus and Bumblebee each a fist and a gripping hand, and gave Lockdown the open palms. It took a while to figure out who would have the thumbs up and pointing hands, but eventually I came up with this:

The Buddy Primus
The face came out even blockier than I expected, but I'm really pleased with the rest, especially the arms. Using feet for elbows, I was able to make arms that match (except for the hands) that could be put in the different positions to mirror the Buddy Christ pose.

2015-02-03, 01:46 PM
I do seriously think they should make a legit triple changer Optimus Prime with both semi cab AND gorilla modes, just for this obvious gag.

I'm sure they could pull it off if they went for a robotic gorilla like Apeface.

2015-02-16, 08:16 PM
Tetsuro - Someone's doing something like what you said out of LEGO/Kre-O here (http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/radicons-customs/685637-truck-monkey-both-kre-o-primal-prime.html). The cab turns into a gorilla, and the cab and trailer combine powermaster-G1 style to form a robot. I prefer that to a figure that just turns from an ape to a humanoid. Those forms are similar enough that going from one to the other seems like a waste of transformation technology:
Humanoid mode: "The enemy is attacking! Transform and attack!"
*G1 transformation sound*
Ape mode: "My thumbs are no longer opposable! FEAR ME!"

I bought Bionocle "Protector of Earth" because it seemed like the cheapest way to get the ball joints I needed for Junkion hips. All I need now is a clear 2x1 tile for Junkheap's head and 3 wheels like Junkheap's rear. The purple one is too big to turn, and just there for looks.

"Protector of Earth" has a cannon with 6 barrels in his torso. It made me think of Treadshot, so I built one. The ammo is different colors to try to match the orginal toy. It does fire all 6. The firing mechanism (yellow circle) is what rotates, not the barrel, so the colors don't move.
This shows the knob you turn to fire.

I rebuilt the LEGO monorail to go with Transformer Kreons. Here's Bumblebee driving it when Soundwave attempts a hijacking.
5 pieces separate from the monorail carts...
...and recombine into Omega Supreme.
Soundwave is foiled.

2015-02-23, 10:49 PM

2015-02-24, 06:59 PM
These, seriously, rock. Wow.

2015-02-25, 11:30 PM
Thanks, Knightdramon.

I was going to pass on the Autobot Command Center, but after building my Omega Supreme monorail, I got the idea to rework the drawbridge into a gate for Omega to drive through.
I had to widen it a bit to fit the hinges, but that let the doors open both ways, so Omega can just drive through in either direction. The only downside is the base of the gate is made of two small plates next to each other. In the orignal design, there were several tiles holding them together. I couldn't fit those under the track, so the only thing holding the bottom together is the four sockets on the bottom of the piece of track.

As I recall, html image tags allowed you to specify the image size, so the page could allocate the right amount of space before the image had loaded. Is there any way to do that on the forum?

2015-04-19, 03:38 PM
I has bunch of mismatched Kre-O joints, and this seemed like the best use of them:
I also made a little Soundwave who can use a Tenkai Knight as a cassette. Here he is, with a transforming trainbot.

2015-04-26, 04:09 PM
I made a little Blaster to go with my little Soundwave:

I also made:

2015-04-30, 11:07 PM
I made a Kreon-sized version of Action Master Wheeljack's Turbo Racer. The jet mode is backheavy enough that it still rolls.

2015-07-27, 10:47 PM
I made Kre-O Whirl this afternoon. He's the wrong color, since he's basically a Kre-O skeleton with a few bot and chopper parts added. It's hard to transform him into a helicopter since the ball joints don't want to stay in line all the time, but he's still fun.

2015-09-08, 05:10 PM
I took at crack at the 13 (Aliged version). The Optimus and Alpha Trion are just the commercial versions. I based the others on the images at tfwiki.

I made 6 inch versions of Piranacon and Predaking. I had to use a darker pallette for most of Piranacon due to what colors I had. But, I think you can still tell which Seacon is which, even if you do have to figure out Skalor through prosess of elimination. Tentakill's beast eyes don't actually end up on Piranacon's shins, but I wanted some kind of detail there, instead of just a solid block of pink. Here they are threatening Prowl.

2015-09-11, 09:47 PM
I made Microchanger combiner Monstructor. There's also Pounce and Wingspan, who each use the same parts. I'd've liked to use a gold piece for Slog's beast head, but only had the white one. The gestalt limbs in the foreground are the only Monstructor bits not used in the individual bots.
I'd planned to use Birdbrain's purple waist for Monstructor's waist, but I had trouble getting the legs off, so I used Slog's waist instead. Monstructor uses all the parts of the individual cons. Birdbrain's legs and waist are attached to Monstructor's back.

2015-09-28, 11:02 PM
I call this piece "Smart Choice"

Superion is almost done, so he should have some backup. I just need to find a few pieces to fill out some gaps.

Defensor and Bruticus will be trickier. Both their torsos are shades of blue, and I only have a few pale blue bricks, like for Monsturctor's leg. I don't want to make them the same shade. Devestator had a unified color scheme, so a pallete swap looked OK. Bruticus and Defensor's toros colors aren't used anywhere else, so changes might not work so well.

2015-12-19, 10:11 PM
I finished the rest of the mini combiners. I only had one red piece for Victorion's head, so I had to use a black piece for the other side. It made her look kind of like a harlequin.
Most of the rear views aren't that interesting, but I wanted to show Hot Spot's ladder and Air Raid & Skydive's nosecones.

I had some extra Optimus and Megatron heads, so I made G2 versions.

2016-01-23, 10:54 PM
Some Classic LEGO sets I bought had enough purple bricks that I could make this:
I'd've liked to make the fist forearm match the harpoon forearm, but I didn't have the parts. The head was pretty tricky. Here's a back view, showing how asymetrical it is.
The white strips are flat pieces with two studs on each side that came with Tenkai Knight figures. Hopefully, I'll find some in orange or grey at some point.

2016-04-23, 04:54 AM
Remember that lavender Seeker with a flamethrower who was in the first G1 episode for about 3 seconds? Here he is movie-style, flanked by Arcee and Rack'n'Ruin. Putting the chair behind R'n'R made the anvil easier to see against its own shadow.

Here's some MOCs. On the left is a fembot who'd turn into a twin-bladed helicopter like G1 Highbrow or Animated Megatron if I had the skill or patience to make mechs that actually transform. On the right is a pirate-bot inspired by me having an odd number of socket-tiles.
The guy in the middle would be a G1 Windcharger type muscle car mounted on monster truck wheels. He'd transform basically like CHUG sunstreaker, but with the arms forming the rigging underneath the car that elevates it above the oversized wheels.

These have nothing to do with TF. I got the idea for a centaur with different shades of blue from Steven Universe's Malachite.
The bot on the right was inspired by Futurama's Fatbot, done in red since that's what I had for shoulder bricks.

2017-03-05, 05:11 PM
I asked for some LEGO kits containing that wheel type for Christmas so I could finally finish my Junkions.

2017-03-20, 09:48 PM
I made Mirage, Jazz, and Ratchet to go with my Prowl. They each have ball jointed shoulders, heads, knees, and hips, plus hinged elbows. The crosses on Ratchet's shoulders are red flowers.

2017-04-02, 02:56 PM
I used Hasbro's not-LEGOs to make not-Transformers.

2017-08-19, 08:04 PM
A few more Kreons. The front row is Cy-Kill, Crasher, Clench, Moonracer, and Swerve. In the back are some MOCs and an Autotrooper with gint wings until I can figure out a better use for them.

2017-11-02, 04:46 PM
Not kreons, or even Transformers, but they do transform. The lions do, anyway.

2017-12-02, 06:13 PM
I found some KO bricks that use off-color Kre-O Optimus heads for their robots builds. One was greay and black, so I made Nemesis Prime. I used a real Kre-O head to try Bumblebee, but I only had angular parts, not curved, so he came out more like Hubcap.