View Full Version : Cybertron Era parts

2014-03-12, 12:13 AM
I have a local deal in the making. I am wondering how easy/hard is it to get parts for Cybertron era figures? Since I am buying 2 loose for $20, but they appear to be missing parts.

2014-03-12, 01:21 AM
Depends on which parts and toys, really.

2014-03-12, 03:08 AM
I am looking at Primus. It needs the missiles, the omega lock, more or less everything not nailed down so to speak.

The deal has him and another bot (can't figure out who) for $40.

2014-03-12, 03:22 AM
Primus just has the four bits: two missiles, the omega lock, and the cyber key. Cyber keys are interchangeable and missiles can be omitted with little notice, but you really need the omega lock to transform the figure. You can do it without it with the aid of a pen of course, but that's nowhere near as fun.

I found a Primus at a local peddlers' mall for $10 or $15 with the omega lock a few years ago. The others bits were gone, of course.

2014-03-14, 10:26 AM
With pictures I can easily identify the other robot for you.

Like Clay said, the Omega Lock is kind of needed for him to transform -- Cyber Keys you can get anywhere and missiles aren't essential -- I've got like three dozen of each in a box that I never use.