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2014-03-27, 09:45 PM
As far as I know, Bob Budiansky wrote most of the G1 toy bios and the Transformers Universe mini series

Some of the bios, are clearly influence from the comics, like Shockwave's but a few,like Jetfire, from the cartoon. In the Transformers Universe mini series, Jetfire bio is based on the comic (as expected).

Does anyone knows why Jetfire's bio reflects his cartoon origins and not his comic origin? or why some bios are based on the cartoon while others on the comics?

And, did Bob really wrote most of the characters bios and histories for the toys Tech Spec and Transformers Universe or I'm misinformed?

Thanks in advance for an answer

2014-03-28, 05:16 AM
The comic/cartoons are based on the bios, which Bob wrote for the toys in 1984 onwards; they were later edited for the Universe series, which is basically a tidied-up version of the franchise bible slung out for retail. The comic & cartoon then used whichever elements they felt fit. Though Jetfire's actually uses (http://tfarchive.com/comics/marvel/profiles/tfujetfire.php) his comic origin: -

As the first of a new generation of Autobots such a credo is perhaps only natural. Also, because he was created on Earth, Jetfire is one of the few Autobots who has no memory of his home planet.

So what you're on about there I don't know.

2014-03-28, 06:33 AM
Sorry, my mistake. I don't have the original toy tech spec so I got confused when I saw this one, from the G.I.Joe/TF #7 toy set, and thought it was like the original

this thread can be deleted

2014-03-28, 12:58 PM
this thread can be deleted

How gracious of you.

2014-03-29, 09:56 PM
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