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2014-04-09, 04:47 PM
I've been living in Canada for the past few years but I'm likely moving back to England sometime in the next. I've been replacing many of the things I own here so that when I move back to the UK I still have the same stuff so I've bought a few graphic novels and shipping them in the UK.

I usually buy my trades from Amazon but I've recently noticed that their pricing when it comes to graphic novels is crazy. Most of the items I want are full list price compared to the usual discount of around 30%. Anyone know why this is? To give you an example the Planetary Omnibus is currently 56. Over on the Forbidden Planet website it's 37.50, about what I would expect on Amazon.


If I want to spend full price on these items I'll go to my LCS when I'm back and spend my money there rather than on Amazon. Anyone understand what they are doing?

2014-04-09, 05:03 PM
Amazon price by availability in the main - the fewer of things there are, the more expensive they are.

I've never found Graphic Novels to be particularly cheap on Amazon - at least not the ones I want - the occasional second hand bargain pops up, but I generally don't bother with them for trades, and support my preferred comic book shop instead :)

2014-04-09, 05:53 PM
Give you another example Dark Cybertron volume 1 is currently listed at a pre-order price of 14.99, full list price. MTMTE is 10.34, the price I would usually expect Amazon to list at. Dark Cybertron releases at the end of the month so by now I would expect the price to be lower but their prices don't seem to be decreasing as we approach the release dates and I just find it to be odd.

2014-04-09, 06:10 PM
For anything printed, if in the UK, try the bookdepository.

Automatic 10-20% on almost everything and free shipping.

Not much to do with amazon but since you're coming to the UK again...

Brendocon 2.0
2014-04-09, 06:36 PM
Amazon tend to discount TPBs when they're first available, then bump them up to near retail, then drop the price back down to something sensible when they've been out around / there are a few more in the series available.

For example volume 1 of a series is going to be a lot cheaper than a newly released volume 5. Unless there's been 20 volumes released and the early ones only had one print run, obviously.*

A lot of it has to do with how well it sells and how many they've got in stock, plus also the cost from the publisher. If they've got 200 copies of something nobody's buying, chances are it'll be reduced a lot quicker than something that's only had the one print run and is selling through quite steadily.

There's also their pre-order price guarantee, whereby if you pre-order it they'll give you whatever the cheapest price was prior to release (handily covers you for when they drop it trying to drive up pre-orders when you've already committed).

Always make sure you check the "available new and used" section (aka Amazon Marketplace), as you can get big savings through that if used sensibly. There are additional postage costs involved, but a lot of the US-based sellers only charge a few quid.

The Book Depository also sell through Amazon M/P and are responsible for the vast bulk of my purchases.

* unless it's Image, who massively discount volume 1s in order to encourage people to jump on. Regular trades are comparatively cheap anyway, but Image vol 1s tend to be about 7.

2014-04-09, 07:15 PM
Book Depository, Wordery, etc. are all fine in terms of marketplace sellers. It's usually worth paying a little bit extra to get from UK sellers, but for the omnibus it's still a decent price. Can't remember the last time I bought stuff from Amazon themselves that wasn't a pre-order, TBH.

zoverstocks are very reliable for music/DVDs.

edit: Marketplace in general is okay, just be wary of private individuals selling electronics, same as with eBay. Look for sellers that're obviously businesses due to volume and feedback.

2014-04-09, 07:23 PM
Cheers for the advice, guys!