View Full Version : The E.T. Legend is true!!!

2014-04-28, 02:46 PM
Microsoft funded a project to locate and dig up the thousands of E.T. Atari 2600 cartridges that were buried after the video game crash. No longer a myth!


2014-04-28, 03:59 PM
I had read that they were going to be looking for them, but never heard what they found. That's kind of awesome to know that a story so ludicrous sounding actually happened. Let's see if Atari stock plummets in the aftermath. :)

another tf fan
2014-05-21, 04:48 PM
Yeah this was a national story for a hot minute.

I was shocked to find out the legend was true.

...there was a guy at the unearthing who had the blocky Atari ET character on a t-shirt. That's something I want!