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2014-05-02, 12:13 AM
I know up here in Canada bots are priced at the following

Deluxe $15 (Exceptions are Prime BH which are as low as $5)
Legend $12 (Certain BH are down to $4)
Voyager $25.

I am wondering what the prices are in the States?

2014-05-02, 12:20 AM
Deluxe: $13-15 depending on the store. I've seen some Prime/Prime BH clearanced to $5.
Legend: $6-$7 ($3 on clearance)
Voyager: $23

I think Commanders have gone up to $10.

2014-05-21, 01:16 AM
At the cheapest places like Walmart, Target, etc., yeah. Some smaller chains like Walgreen's or Family Dollar might have deluxes for $17 and Legion Commanders for $13. They don't really stock any other price points, though.

The Legends/Legion class are the worst in terms of inflation. When they debuted in 2006, they were $3. This year they hit $7. That's a 133% increase per figure as opposed to the 50% hike on deluxes (which are now made smaller, in contrast). I have noticed that the figures tend to hang around longer than they used to as a result. Kind of makes you wonder how long it can last until they price themselves out of existence.

Well, that sounds dire, doesn't it?

2014-05-21, 06:23 AM
Not really, Legends are doing a similar thing here in the UK. They sold solidly when they were around 3 - 4. Since they've jumped to 5.00 - 6.50, sales have slowed.

I've noticed that TFs are turning into shelf warmers in most Supermarkets until they're placed on some sort of promotinal offer. Sign of the times...and also perhaps a sign that the RRP is too much for even casual consumers.

I wonder as well if the Waves system has hampered sales, particularly given the sporadic nature various waves drip feed through to retail over here. The American system assumes the same volumes will sell through as they do in the states everywhere else. Frequently it feels as though the shelves are clogged with the same product, as Waves 1 & 2 dominate our market and everything else turns up in a hurried rush towards the end of a given line's shelf life - and usually ends up at remainder shops. Although the stuff that ends up at a lot of our discount retailers is usually on US packaging, rather than European packaging, so maybe I'm wrong and the first two Waves are usually enough for retailers over here, with anything else picked up if sales are strong enough. Who knows...?

My local Tesco barn has a stand full of Legend class Transformers and they're just not shifting at the 6.50 price point.

By comparrison, Voyagers which have been reduced to 11 have sold out.

2014-05-21, 10:40 AM
My local area:

Legends: $5-6
Commanders: $10-13
Deluxes: $12-16
Voyagers: $22-26

Prices vary depending on where you go around here. Walmart has the best price on Deluxes but Target has them beat on Voyagers. TRU is just a little over price on both of them, but is the main supplier of Kre-o. You can occasionally find figures in supermarkets but expect to pay $15 for a Cyberverse Commander. Drug stores are even worse often asking $20 for a current Deluxe.

2014-06-09, 05:07 PM
I've been seeing similar prices around here in the States as well. Deluxes (my favorite size class) has really been a hard buy lately no matter where I have gone. At $15 ea. (and smaller size as Clay mentioned), I might as well spend the little bit of extra cash and get a Voyager, especially at $22.

I really like the $10 'Legends' guys in the Generations series - you're basically getting a Scout class figure and a mini-con in one pack. That seems like a pretty good deal to me.

2014-06-09, 06:52 PM
Some of the tiny pack-in figures are alright, but they were really scraping the barrel with the design for the one that comes with Tailgate.