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2014-06-22, 06:11 AM
I really like the little guys. As the oversized bootlegs show, if they were any larger they would be awful. As they are, they're the perfect size for their level of detail and articulation... and accumulation. So, when they started to go on clearance, I bought some more. Then I bought the Japanese set in different colors. Then Notabot helped (or made it worse) by scooping up sets at $7 each from Target's clearance section.

As it stands, I've got nineteen sets of the regular colored versions and one Goradora, totaling up to ONE HUNDRED MONSTERS!!!

http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f303/claywyatt1982/IMG_3660.jpg (http://s50.photobucket.com/user/claywyatt1982/media/IMG_3660.jpg.html)

And yet... if anyone bumps into more sets on clearance... let me know?

I can't say that I've ever tried army building before this, aside from picking up multiple sets of that Minicon pack with the wolf on clearance for $3 each. Has anyone else attempted building a little army before? I can't imagine doing so with figures any larger than these.

2014-06-22, 08:30 AM
Not to the same scale as that, but I do own 9 Deluxe RID Vehicons which make a handsome little squad (helps as well that the toy is one of the best Transformers figures of recent years).

I've often pondered getting a second Alternators Ravage, so Binaltech Jaguar (or Battle Ravage, whatever) can have two of these things leashed and ready to pounce at his command!

A lot of the Beast Machines Vehicons lend themselves to army building, but I could never be arsed. Or rather, availability of anything beyond the first wave of Scavenger-Mirage-Jetstorm scuppered that idea. Although I did enter the pack in competition in the then-current Beast Wars videos and won...Scavenger, so I have two of him. By the time stuff like the Tank Drone showed up, the moment had passed. And these things are a little on the pricy side now on the aftermarket to be worth the bother.

2014-06-22, 06:55 PM
What made these feasible was not just the low cost but also the small physical size. In my mind, basics/scouts would be about the cap... start getting larger than that and storage becomes a problem.

I had thought of the Vehicon mold, but I only ever found two or three on remainder at discount stores (of which I've since sold the excess to other board members). I do still have one Vehicon, one Jet Vehicon, and one first edition Vehicon, and they make a nice little squad by being the-same-but-different.

Still, I like the Abomicons for this purpose. That they can form a small army of Abomuluses (Abomini?) gives them a certain... fluidity. And also that they small enough to be used as a kind of lice for Metroplex is great.

2014-07-04, 01:13 PM
Well, god damn. That's a lot of Terrorcons there.

I do love them, though, and they are on clearance...

2015-02-08, 10:05 PM
Right, so I've been quietly adding to the army, and actually wasn't counting for a while. I did accumulate several more sets from ebay whenever the cost+shipping was $15 or less... so now I'm at:

10*retail sets
29*boxed sets (the translucent versions)

That's two hundred of the little monsters! The question is how many I can get before you all stage an intervention...

2015-02-08, 10:33 PM
That's two hundred of the little monsters! The question is how many I can get before you all stage an intervention...
Oh, I'd say when you're 1 set short of creating your own Terrorcon version of the Deceptigod