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2014-06-23, 09:05 AM
Have any of you, who already have had their reviews published countless eons ago, ever read them after the fact and thought "Man, I sound kinda stupid there"? After that "new toy" sensation has eventually worn off, have you changed your mind about some of them?

Or have you just changed your opinion on a toy in general?

Cause I know my MP-4 review might sound a bit different now, after a few years.

2014-06-24, 07:28 PM
In retrospect, yes, to all of them. ALL of them.

My opinion on everything I've reviewed either fell off or I like the figure so much more now I feel the score is low.

For instance---some Binaltechs. After years of car robots releases [movie, now masterpieces, some classics], some Binaltechs are very outdated.

If I reviewed, for instance, BT Sideswipe and Dead End now, I wouldn't score them as high or think of them as highly.

Likewise, movie 1 Optimus [leader], got such rave reviews back THEN, but after ROTF Prime, I don't think he'd score as high.

Yet on the other end, I'd rank some toys HIGHER now, but for different criteria. BT Smokescreen/Streak now would get a 10++++ from me, cause they are the same price [on release] as MP Streak/Prowl/Smokescreen, but are bigger, have a detailed interior, feature tons of die-cast, rubber tires and are very poseable.

Opinions on toys will inadvertently change because newer, [arguably] better figures come out, at different/higher pricepoints, which retrospectively puts things under a different magnifying glass.

Which is why, in my opinion, the best reviews for a toy are the reviews that come out shortly after its release, because the review is at the peak of the market at THAT moment. '08 deluxe bee got a 9-10 review back then because at that point, he was amongst the best, if not best car bot on the movie market. If he was reviewed today, after BB Bumblebee and the DOTM/AoE ones and the HA one, he wouldn't score so well, but this doesn't make him less of a fun figure.

2014-06-25, 02:38 PM
I have regretted a lot of the reviews I've made over the years, especially when I was writing in barely-literate English, some of my earliest being blatantly misleading and uninformative. And I do have rewritten some of them, as some of you may have noticed, and quietly replaced them with revised versions.

A lot of toys I had rated lower because at that time they seemed unimpressive -- stuff like the Real Gear robots in particular. And like Knightdramon said a lot of toys I rated too high because they seemed extremely impressive at that time. MP Megatron and several of the Classics toys. Stuff like 'oh my god it's a G1 toy but now made with new technology' or 'oh my god it's the original toy' in particular will kind of give several reviews an undeserved high score with past-me.

I've also had a much narrower worldview as far as toys are concerned back then. When you have a lot more toys to play with the bar for a good toy is set higher. If I had gotten Generations Blitzwing or Generations Bruticus five, six years ago he'd be an easy 9/10 or something like that.

Or maybe you do get more jaded as you grow older.

And, uh, might as well as take this moment to apologize for disappearing from the review forums since March or something, and a massive thank you to Warcry, Sadie and the rest for helping to proof and upload the reviews while I was gone. I'll try to catch up with the photos submission thread and any other unuploaded reviews tomorrow and do a front-page update thing.

inflatable dalek
2014-06-25, 03:35 PM
I don't really do toy reviews (those of you who've read the few I have done will be grateful), but sure, with the comic reviews I often look back on them and wonder either what I was thinking or spot every single badly written sentence I somehow missed at the time.

But that's probably a good thing, our opinions and thoughts change all the time (especially when it comes to comics, that are part of an overall ongoing plots that can reflect badly/better on previously published works), and the more reviews you do the better you should get.

If you can really look back on every review you did, say, five years ago and not only still completely agree with everything but also think you couldn't write it better now you've probably stagnated.

2014-06-25, 08:52 PM
Pretty much everything I've previously written, not just reviews. Awkward turns of phrase, mostly. Although occasionally I stumble on something I still like -- but in general I've become more terse and less flowery.

Blackjack -- ditto, really. Life gets in the way more often than not these days. We just need to figure out balancing work involved.

2014-06-26, 06:37 AM
Don't thank me yet, I've been too stressed out to do anything useful for weeks.

2014-07-03, 08:24 AM
I can't believe it's been nearly a decade since I reviewed the MP-4.

I think rewriting that one might be worth some serious consideration...