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2014-07-01, 02:24 AM
I took a crack at rebuilding the Grimlock Unleashed kit into robot mode. I only had to add a few parts:
1 pair of Kre-O fists
2 1x2 Technic bricks with holes in the sides (for wrists)
1 1x4 Technic brick with holes on the sides
4 1x1 red tiles (for eyes - I wanted to use 2 1x2 blue tiles, but didn't have any)
1 Kre-O ball joint brick (for an ankle)
1 Kre-O socket tile (for a foot)

I left the dino legs/robot arms mostly unchanged, except for replacing the solid 1x2 bricks in the soles of each foot with 1 1x2 Technic brick so I could attach the robot fists. Since I don't care if dino Grimlock has holes in his soles, I'll probably just leave them like this. I left the dino arms alone. Here's more pictures from different angles.

Below are a couple shots without the armor that show the construction of the torso.

These are the parts I had left over. The three on the right are no longer part of the dino build. The blue 1x4 tile that formed the dino eyes will be replaced by the smaller tiles that form the robot eyes placed next to each other.
The two 2x4 bricks went inside the dino torso (page 10, step 13 of the instructions). I plan to replace these with the two fists plugged into the 1x4 Technic brick and the two 1x2 bricks I replaced in the soles of the dino's feet. I haven't tested this yet, but I think the only robot parts I'll have left over whem rebuilding the dino will be the socket tile and ball joint brick.

2014-07-05, 03:09 PM
This is awesome. I'll have to rummage around in my old Lego box to see if I have the parts to do it.

2014-07-05, 11:00 PM
Thanks, Clay. I actually added a bit to it this morning. I used most of the parts lefover from the original kit to make a dino snout to hang off his back.

The parts are arranged in four columns. On the left are the parts I added today. The top two attach to the back, behind the neck, to fill that out a bit. The rest are the dino snout.
The second column is the 10x4 tile from the original kit that I don't use anymore. I've replaced that with the third column; the two 1x4 tiles fill the gaps in the snout, the 2x8 tiles are spares. The rightmost column has the other three pieces I don't use anymore. Here's some pics of the new parts attached.
The 1x4 LEGO tiles are a slightly different shade of grey than the Kre-o tiles, so it kind of looks like the dino head has his eyes closed. In summary:

Parts you will need to add to the kit:
1) 1 pair of Kre-O fists
2) 2 1x2 Technic bricks with holes in the sides (for wrists)
3) 1 1x4 Technic brick with holes on the sides
4) 2 1x2 blue tiles (I found some)
5) 1 Kre-O ball joint brick (for an ankle)
6) 1 Kre-O socket tile (for a foot)
7) 2 1x4 grey tiles (for dino snout)
8) 1 4x8 grey tile (or 2 2x8 tiles like I used since I didn't have a 4x8)

Parts from the kit that are no longer used:
A) 2 2x4 bricks (replaced in the dino build by parts 2, 3, and the 1x2 bricks from the dino soles that are replaced by part 1)
B) 1 1x4 clear blue tile (replaced by part 4)
C) 1 10x4 grey tile (replaced by parts 7 and 8)

Parts left over in robot build:
2 2x8 grey tiles (or 1 4x8 grey tile)
I tried using 1x6 and 1x2 tiles so I could add a tile layer between the legs and the calves, and put the remaining tiles inside the torso and have no leftover pieces, but the added mass on the legs looked pretty bad.

Parts left over in dino build (I think, I haven't rebuilt it yet):
1 socket tile
1 ball joint brick

2014-07-09, 11:50 PM
I think this is the final version. I replaced the 8x2 tiles I had left over from before with several smaller tiles, and used those to broaden the chest and shoulder armor. I now have no leftover pieces in robot mode, and only one ankle joint leftover in dino mode.

Rather than try to explain in text what parts I've replaced, I took a photo. The top row is the parts I added. The middle row is parts I removed from the original kit. The bottom row is the page and step of the instructions where the replacement happens.
The 2x1 bricks I circled in red are removed from the dino soles and reused within the torso. They are part of both the dino and robot builds.

The several small tiles aren't as sturdy as the single 4x10 tile, but they're laid out so that they form a solid structure when the next pieces of the dino build are added. In the robot, the 1x4 tiles are part of the snout (as described above), the 2x6 tile connects the chest armor to the torso, and the rest fill out the space on either side of the head.

Clay (or anyone else interested in replicating this), can you let me know how you make out? I want to know if there's enough information here to explain how to build the robot. I'd hate to rebuild the dino, try to rebuild the robot later, and find that I don't know how.